Mechanical Engineering In Pakistan

In Pakistan, engineering has become a very popular field especially Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan. Mechanical Engineering is defined as an engineering field which includes analysis and production of machines and tools. This field is considered to be the oldest and popular among all engineering fields so that is why here you will find Mechanical engineering scope in Pakistan along with syllabus, subjects, career, salary details. Moreover, this field includes different aspects such as construction, development, production, operation, and maintenance of machines and tools. A person who is employed in this field is known as Mechanical Engineer. There are many objectives of studying BSC Mechanical Engineering. Here we will discuss most important and main objectives. The most important objective of studying BSC Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan is to develop and promote skills related to mechanical engineering. Secondly, the main objective of studying BSC Mechanical Engineering to introduce creative and unique ideas. Thirdly, students would be able to learn different abilities like practicality and organizing ability. Lastly, after studying this program person can develop flexibility in different disciplinary areas.

Mechanical Engineering In Pakistan 

Mechanical Engineering In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects


The scope of Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan is very vast. It is because Pakistan is suffering from the lake of Mechanical engineers that is why the engineering companies give preferences to a Mechanical engineer. While a skillful engineer and a creative mind person can earn as much as he can. In the upcoming times, the Mechanical Engineering scope in Pakistan will be high because there is no limit in this field. Besides Pakistan, if we talk about abroad, then gulf countries gives huge preference to a mechanical engineer in engineering fields. So you can imagine that how vast the scope of a mechanical engineer would be. Further, you can read the following career options in this field.

Career Option:

There are lots of career options after B.SC Mechanical Engineering. This field of engineering offers a wide variety of career options for the students. By studying this program, students can easily get jobs in public as well as private sector. Here we would like to mention the Mechanical Engineering jobs in Pakistan. The basic and most suitable job types are as follows:

  • Junior Engineers
  • Senior Engineers
  • Assistant Engineers
  • Executive Engineers
  • Lecturer, Professors
  • Senior Consultants

Mechanical Engineering Jobs In Pakistan:

After studying the job types, it is important that person should know about the employment areas of BSC Mechanical Engineering. The main employment areas in which students can get jobs are as follows;

  • Chemical
  • Electronics industry
  • Marketing Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Steel Plants Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Exploration Industry
  • Space Research Industry

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Pakistan:

Well, the most important part while choosing any field is the salary of that field. So if you are also seeking for Mechanical engineering salary in Pakistan, then you are informed that the according to an estimate the starting salary of a mechanical engineer is Rs. 30, 000 per month and a good engineer can earn more then 1 lakh per month. Moreover, with the passage of time and experience, one can even earn 2 to 5 lakhs per months with 8 hours work in a day and five days a week.

Major Subjects:

The major or compulsory courses that are included in B.SC Mechanical Engineering are as follows:

  • Engineering Graphics.
  • Machines Dynamics.
  • Mechanic Lab.
  • Production Methods.
  • Machine Tools Dynamometry.

The specialized fields of B.SC Mechanical Engineering are as follow. Students can do their specialization in these respective fields.

  • Kinematics.
  • Production Engineering.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Micro Electro Systems.
  • Thermo Science.
  • Introduction Of Fluid Dynamics

Admission Requirements:

Now we would like to mention the requirements for applying for B.SC Mechanical Engineering. The main and necessary requirements are as follows:

  • The basic and important requirement for B.SC mechanical engineering is the intermediate in the major subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • If we, talk about private institutes criteria then many universities demand entrance tests for applying in the field of B.SC Mechanical Engineering.
  • Students of DAE in Mechanical engineering with a minimum of 60% marks are e also eligible to apply for this program

So this is all about Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects. Hope you are all now well aware with this program and going to get your admission in the best mechanical engineering university in Pakistan…

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