Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Pakistan

We are discussing aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, courses, and universities offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in this field of study. It is the branch of engineering related to the study of the maintenance of airplanes and the assurance of correct and safe functioning during the flight. It also deals with the development of new technologies, construction, designing, development, and testing of an airplane. The scope of Aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan is very high and demanding nowadays. This field also refers to Aviation Engineering which is the highest-paying profession in Pakistan and almost 70 countries of the world. Pakistan has excellent institutes which are offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan at bachelor and master level programs. Here you can easily find detailed information regarding this relevantly complexed but career-grabbing field of study. Scroll down this page now and get the details of the scope, jobs, salary, course, and universities.

BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Pakistan

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, additionally Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, is a certified individual who consists of out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is great across the world and is acknowledged through the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Pakistan:

There is a huge and demanding scope of aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan for a licensed holder engineer who has also done an internship in the field. It opens so many doors of good employment opportunities in most of the leading aviation areas of Pakistan. An aeronautical or aircraft maintenance engineer never be a jobless person in Pakistan. There are so many private and public airlines in which an aeronautical can get employment with a handsome salary package. You can find many posts in many departments relating to aircraft such as the career opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan are yet available for you and the earning is also offering a big scope for you where your future will be secured and strong.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs In Pakistan:

There are so many job opportunities available in the various airlines in Pakistan, private airlines, helicopters and flying clubs, government-owned air services, aircraft manufacturing units, satellite companies, and missile development authorities. Some of the common job positions, an aircraft maintenance engineer can get in different areas of Pakistan are listed below;

  • Junior Aircraft Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Research Assistant
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Pak Naval Air Arm
  • Flying Clubs
  • Helicopter Manufacturing Units
  • Pak Army Aviation Corps
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Space Research Centers
  • Engineering Universities
  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
  • International Airlines
  • Missile and Satellite Manufacturing companies etc
  • Scientific Writer
  • Assistant Technical Officers
  • Shift In-charge Officer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Salary In Pakistan:

This is a very high-paying field in Pakistan where you can hold a healthy career afterward. Aeronautical is leading the field and one of the highest paying professions only in Pakistan but most of the countries of the world. Normally at starting, the aircraft maintenance engineering salary in Pakistan is earning Rs. 50,000 to 70,000 per month but after experience and training, he will be able to earn 120, 000 to 200, 000 lacks per month. The salary of aircraft maintenance may vary from company to company

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course In Pakistan Subjects:

Core subjects of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses in Pakistan are listed below, offering most of the universities in Pakistan. Students will study these subjects at the bachelor level as well as at the master’s level they will also offer the following scheme of studies as a major subject.

  1. Aircraft Rules, Regulations, and CAR
  2. Workshop Technology
  3. Theory of Flight
  4. Aircraft Hardware
  5. Basic Electricity and Electronics
  6. Aircraft Material and Power Plant
  7. Digital Aircraft System
  8. Aerodynamics
  9. Aircraft Writing, Bonding, and Screening
  10. Lubrication System
  11. Engine Fuel System
  12. Piston Engine system and Troubleshooting
  13. Radio and Radar Aids to Navigation
  14. Radio Test Equipment
  15. Airborne Radio Communication and Navigational Equipment
  16. Engine Starting and Run up System
  17. Aircraft Propeller System
  18. Structure of Aircraft
  19. Aircraft Fuel System
  20. Aircraft Inspection Procedures

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Universities In Pakistan:

The list of aircraft maintenance engineering universities in Pakistan is listed in the following link of best aeronautical engineering universities. These are also offering master’s and bachelor’s BS aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan for four years honors program. You can click on any link for accessing that list of universities for taking a fresh admission.

Best Aeronautical Engineering Universities In Pakistan

Hence these are all the details about Aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, courses, and universities discussed here on this page. I am sure that you have gained all the details for what you were searching for and in case of any further assistance or guidance regarding this course of study, you can leave your comment in the following commenting section.

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