Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Admission Requirement

If you are planning for automobile engineering in bachelors studies then it will very feasible for your good career. In Pakistan, we need to have more and more automobile engineers so that we can assemble and manufacture our own vehicles and transports. This branch of automobile engineering also incorporate the elements of electrical, software and mechanical engineering. This is also known as the vehicle engineering because you deals with the production and invention of buses, motorbikes, and trucks etc. Over the years Pakistan was not making progress in this field but now a days this field is getting heap. If we take a flash back of 19s we were importing mostly vehicles from foreign countries but now the multinational companies like Honda, Yamaha, Toyota and Suzuki are assembling their new models in Pakistan. Moreover there are some local companies like Road Prince, Super Asia and many more are also producing their products which are competing those hit companies. All this is due to the heap in Automobile engineering in Pakistan. If you want to join a practical field then this is a good field and you can study the following courses and your scope as well as career is also given below.

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Admission Requirement

Automobile Engineering Courses:

In this automobile engineering field, you will be studying subjects:

  • Course of Aerospace and Aero engine designing subjects
  • Research course on automotive parts, assembling of vehicle parts.
  • Course related to Basic and main principles of engineering and also main challenges while assembling these vehicle parts.
  • Course of vehicle engineering / automotive engineering.
  • Designing vehicles course, manufacturing and operating automobiles are taught to you.
  • Course of engineering sub systems are studied by you like that of Development engineering, System engineering and Manufacturing engineering. Body engineering subject, Change control engineering course and Acoustic engineering course are too studied by the students.

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Admission Requirement

  • For graduating students, they should have F.SC pre engineering degree in their hands. You should have a proficiency in Physics and Maths subjects.
  • For Masters students, complete 4 year degree program of automobile engineering should be studied by you. Bachelors in automobile engineering degree is a must for you.

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Scope:

If you have studied automobile engineering, then you can have your career line in the fields of:

  • Get yourself induct in the Aerospace engineering and vehicle engineering.
  • Find a suitable job in the field of Marine engineering. For the information, this field is much related and close to mechanical engineers, safety engineers, electrical and software engineers. So, the engineers of these degree programs can also have their career scope in these sectors as well.
  • You can become a development engineer, change control engineer.
  • Find your career in the manufacturing engineering field.
  • There is a massive scope in the field of automobile and automotive engineering for the body engineers and aerodynamics engineers.
  • You can be hired in sports vehicle factories.
  • Find a job in automobiles vehicle factories and motorcycle vehicle factories.
  • You can be employed in the heavy vehicles factories.
  • You can have your employment in the vocational kind of training institutes.
  • You can teach these subjects also and get a job as a lecturer, as a professor.

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Jobs and Career Options

Many of the job options are available for you with regard to this engineering field.

  • Development Engineer- it is one of the widely opted jobs by far! In this job, you have you co-ordinate the delivery of all of engineering systems. They make sure that whether the components in any of the vehicle are functioning or not!
  • The job of Manufacturing engineer is also in demand. The main job description of this job post is that you learn to ensure that whether the automative parts are properly produced or not. These engineers are actually responsible for the safe and sound production of these vehicles.
  • Job of Aerodynamic engineers is also in much scope. These engineers are responsible to make the designs and shapes of vehicles and attractive looking one.
  • Body engineers jobs- They come up with the panel designs of their vehicles.
  • Job of Change Control Engineers- They are the one who make sure that all of the manufacturing changes are well managed.
  • Jobs in the Accoustics engineering field- They prevent the creation of those design that come up with loud kind of cabin noises.

This field of automobile engineering is all getting famous. Students should pursue Automobile Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Scope, Jobs, Salary, Admission Requirement because it is a wide field and here you will have many job options. Do try to read this subject.

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  1. Which university is best for automobile engineering in lahore or in punjab? and i had done my fsc pre engineering kindly tell me its scope in Pakistan

  2. Hi there,my name is Jhanzaib-abbasi n iam from karachi,i have done my B-Tec mechanical from the indus university n right now doing my job in Daewoo motors(PVT)ltd.
    Iam interested in doing automobiles courses in vehicles,pl help me out about this.Thanks.Hope to hear from u soon.

  3. Hello Can i get admission in automobile engineering i have completed my B.s.c in computer science ?

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