Avionics Engineering Scope In Pakistan

Avionics Engineering is the sub-discipline of Aeronautical Engineering. Avionics refers to the electronic system that is fitted to aircraft to perform individual functions which may include navigation, communication, display and management of different or multiple systems that are used on aircrafts, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. This is one of the leading field and profession in Pakistan. Pakistan has a huge number of excellent universities which are offering Avionics Engineering under the supervision of highly qualified and well-trained faculty in order to develop Avionics Engineers in Pakistan. Here below you can easily find the best detail material regarding the Avionics engineering Scope In Pakistan, job opportunities and salary of Avionic Engineer, major subjects and the list of universities which are offering Avionics Engineering in Pakistan. Keep reading this article until the end will surely help you in this regard.

Avionics Engineering Scope In Pakistan

Avionics Engineering Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Avionics Engineering Scope In Pakistan:

Thie field of aeronautical engineering has very wide and demanding scope in Pakistan. It opens so many doors of employment opportunities in so many leading public and private airlines, manufacturing firms, aviation authorities etc. This field is closely connected with the development of latest and modern technology in Aviation. It one of the leading field but there are limited Avionics Engineering in Pakistan. An Avionics Engineer can easily recruit any of the below-listed fields of employment areas in Pakistan.

  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Private Commercial Airlines
  • Air Craft Manufacturing Companies
  • PAF (Pakistan Air Force)
  • PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)
  • Private Companies

Avionics Engineering Jobs in Pakistan:

There are so many job opportunities available in the various airlines in Pakistan, private airlines, and helicopters and flying clubs, government-owned air services, aircraft manufacturing units, satellite companies, and missile development authorities. Some of the common jobs positions, an Avionics engineer can get in different areas of Pakistan are listed below;

  • Junior Aircraft Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Research Assistant
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Scientific Writer
  • Assistant Technical Officers
  • Shift In charge Officer

Avionics Engineering Salary in Pakistan:

This is one of the highest paying professions in Pakistan but in most of the countries of the world. The estimated salary of an Avionics Engineering in Pakistan starts from Rs. 70,000/- to 500,000/- PKR rupees per month in both public and private airlines, aircraft manufacturing units etc.

Avionics Engineering Subjects in Pakistan:

Following are the subjects which are studied in Avionics Engineering offered by the universities in Pakistan.

  1. Introduction to Avionics Engineering
  2. Applied Algebra and Calculus
  3. Engineering Statistics
  4. Engineering Circuit Analysis
  5. Electronic Devices and Basic Circuits
  6. Signal and Systems
  7. Introduction to Computer Programming
  8. Thermodynamics of Propulsion
  9. Electro-Mechanical System
  10. Electromagnetic Field Theory
  11. Applied Aerodynamics
  12. Numerical Methods
  13. Electronics Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
  14. Transmission Lines and Waveguides
  15. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  16. Analogue and Digital Communications
  17. Computer Aided Instrumentation
  18. Avionics System Designs etc

Universities Offering Avionics Engineering in Pakistan:

There are limited universities in Pakistan for training of Avionics Engineering; the names of some of them are listed below;

  1. Institute of Space Technology (Islamabad)
  2. Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (Karachi)
  3. College of Aeronautical Engineering (Risalpur)
  4. The Superior University (Lahore)
  5. Military College of Engineering (Risalpur)
  6. National University of Science and Technology (Islamabad)
  7. Air University (Islamabad)
  8. PAF Institute of Karachi (Karachi)

All these details aboutĀ Avionics engineering scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, universities offering BSc Aionics engineering in Pakistan is authentic and verified. If any reader have issue at any point can leave his/ her comment. We will responde you back.

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