BSCS Scope And Salary In Pakistan

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) is an undergraduate four years bachelors program. It is divided into 8 equal semesters, 2 semesters per year. If you want to gather information about this course of study then read out this entire post where you will get details about BSCS scope and salary in Pakistan, jobs, career, and subjects. We are also telling you the list of universities offering BSCS in Pakistan. But before that, I would like to discuss the introduction. This is a computer-related field where a student study about the software, hardware of a computer. Afterward, the course comprises the computer programing languages like; HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript and other low level and high-level languages.  In short this four years, an undergraduate degree makes you able to join computer development fields in different ways which I have discussed below to this passage.

BSCS Scope And Salary In Pakistan

Well, A new concept is traveling among some people that the scope of BSCS has gone down now. But wait a minute! I would like to ask you, can a computer could be demolished at any time? of course not! so why one can consider it a non-serious field? I personally suggest to you that this is a very career orienting field of study. You have lots of career build and job opportunities after doing this course of study. Now scroll down this phrase to read out further about BSCS salary in Pakistan along with its job opportunities.

BSCS Scope And Salary In Pakistan, Jobs, Career, Subjects


The very first thing comes to mind in Pakistan is the scope. Student wants to see his/ her future after obtaining a degree. The scope is always calculated by the number of jobs and the among of income i.e. salary. So, as I have stated that this is the field of computer programing language, software, and hardware. Whenever a student learns the coding and functions he can develop software, one could develop the websites, can hold a server of websites, and much more. While on the other side, it is a perfect field for girls. Because there is no need for fieldwork to go out of the home. Just need a laptop or a PC and an internet connection. When you have these three things in front of you, you can earn as much as you want through the different sources I have discussed below.


Now the second phase is the BSCS jobs in Pakistan. When you have done the degree, first is better for you to apply for an internship as a computer internee with research and development departments in different universities. While there are hundreds and thousands of IT companies and software houses where one can apply for a job. The jobs titles are as below.

  • software developer
  • website design and development
  • computer lab manager
  • networking management
  • Computer programing language developer
  • Head of computer depart
  • you can also apply as a teacher in this field


When we talk about the BSCS salary in Pakistan, then I always use to ask that if you are doing your own work, is there a salary is still exists? of course not! similarly when a student Bachelors of computer sciences, he can start his own business. means one can charge as a web developer, head of computer depart, and much more. But if one is still doing a job at starting the level, his salary would be Rs. 30, 000 to 45, 000/- per month at starting. But there is a condition behind it, that is you should be professionally trained with your work. Otherwise, you will be hired as an internee and then your package would be Rs. 25 to 30 thousand at the start.

BSCS Scope And Salary In Pakistan


BSCS stands for Bachelor of Computer Sciences. It is four years bachelors program where one has to study eight semesters in four years. The details of the BSCS subjects In Pakistan is written down. Different universities have their own scheme of studies but the basic concept behind this program is revolving around the below.

Course Title
Introduction to Computer Science – I
Mathematics – I (Calculus)
Statistics and Data Analysis
Physics – I (General Physics)
Islamic Learning & Pakistan Studies or Ethics & Pakistan Studies
Mathematics – II (Differential Equations)
Probability and Statistical Methods
Physics – II (Electricity and Magnetism)
Mathematics – II (Differential Equations)
Probability and Statistical Methods
Physics – II (Electricity and Magnetism)
Mathematics – II (Differential Equations)
Data Structures
System Design with Microprocessors
Mathematics – IV (Numerical Computing)
Software Engineering & Project Management
Communication Skills and Report Writing
Data Structures
Modeling and Simulation (Optional)
Operations Research – II (Optional)
Microcomputer Design and Interfacing – I (Optional)
Data Communication and Networking – II
Computer Graphics
Advanced Software Engineering
Expert Systems
Operating System Case Study (Optional)
Natural Language Processing
Distributed Database Systems
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Financial Management
Multimedia Systems (Optional)
Computational Linear Algebra (Optional)

Admission Requirements:

In talking about BSCS scope in Pakistan I would like to discuss the admission requirements. Every university has its own admission requirements.

  • Minimum 60% marks in Matriculation or an equivalent examination
  • A student must have obtained minimum 50% marks in HSSC or an equivalent examination. Must have studied Mathematics at HSSC level.

Hence the complete details about BSCS scope and salary In Pakistan. I am sure that you have gained all that you are searching for. but in case you have any question or query relating to BSCS in Pakistan. You must leave your comment in the following commenting section. We will like to receive your comment in the following commenting section. At the end of my article, I suggest you choose this degree program after ICS or any intermediate program. This is a very scope and career orienting field of study these days in Pakistan.

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    1. CS has more scope but less demand just for these days but it is not going to remained in less demand, soon it will take over CA in demand point of view. But in scope point of view it has more scope.

  1. Sir.
    meny bscs lia hai aor first semester hai h
    muji ye zaror batana keh pakistan me Software ka scope zaida hai ya Networking ka

  2. sir
    mary subjects computer statistics or economics Han
    Kia man BSCS kr sakta hon or mary matric man marks 81.33% han

  3. Sir me. Ye pochna ha k kia hum bscs kesi university sy kary ya kesi college sy to kia degree ka difference hoga mean k university ki degree ko zyada value mely he kia???? Ya kia numb py depend karta sab

  4. i am studying in 12 right now i wanna ask that if we have studied FSc engineering can we apply for software engineering and what is merit?
    when will be entry tests held?

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    Ab btyen k ma kiya kroon koi smjh nh aa rhii

  6. i am also study BS(CS).so kindly suggest me how i am improve to my skill.what i for this BS(CS).thank you so much.

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