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BSCS Scope, Subjects In Pakistan Jobs Admission Requirements

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) is an undergraduate four years bachelors program divided into 8 equal semesters, 2 semesters per year. Here you can get full information about BSCS scope, subjects in Pakistan jobs and Admission requirements. So the need is just here to make sure that either you are eligible for this program or not. Because this is the only degree in Pakistan in which computer related subjects are studied so its importance are vast. Different universities offering different credit hours for BSCS. In each semester there is a set of compulsory elective and major subjects.  There are quizzes, assignments, labs, presentations and assessments along with midterm examination and final term examinations. Similarly there are lots of best universities in Pakistan for BSCS or BCS where you can take admission.

On the basis of these things your semester’s GPA is calculated. But In order to attach admission in BSCS you have to make sure that either you are eligible for this program or not according to the eligibility criteria and merit assigned for each university according to its rank. So Keep on reading this post to get further details about  BSCS in Pakistan!

BSCS Scope, Subjects In Pakistan Jobs Admission Requirements

BSCS Scope, Subjects In Pakistan Jobs Admission Requirements

BSCS Subjects In Pakistan:

Many universities offer Different subjects for BSCS in the Following Combinaitons

·         Computer Programming Lab

·         Introduction to Computing Lab

·         Introduction to Computing

·         Basic Electronics

·         Calculus

·         Linear Algebra

·         English Language

·         English Composition

·         Data Structures

·         Discrete Structures

·         Comp. Organization & Assembly Lang.

·         Comp. Organization & Assembly Lang. Lab

·         Islamic & Religious Studies

·         Business Elective

·         Database Systems Lab

·         Operating Systems Lab

·         Database Systems

·         Operating Systems

·         Design & Analysis of Algorithms

·         Business Elective – II

·         Math Elective

·         Computer Networks Lab

·         Object Oriented Analysis & Design Lab

·         Theory of Automata

·         Computer Networks

·         Object Oriented Analysis & Design

·         Probability & Statistics

·         CS Elective – I

·         Software Engineering

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Technical and Business Writing

·         CS Elective – II

·         Math Elective

·         Human Computer Interaction

·         Project – I

·         Computer Architecture

·         CS Elective – III

·         Social Science Elective

·         Professional Issues in IT

·         Project – II

·         CS Elective – IV

·         CS Elective – V

·         CS Elective – VI

BSCS Admission Requirements In Pakisan:

Every university has its own admission requirements.

  • Minimum 60% marks in Matriculation or an equivalent examination
  • A student must have obtained minimum 50% marks in HSSC or an equivalent examination. Must have studied Mathematics at HSSC level.

Selection on the basis of NTS-NAT Marks

  • Those who have taken NAT-IE or NAT-ICS examination can apply for admission to the BS (Computer Science).
  • Cut-off marks to be determined by the Admission Committee of the University.

Selection on the basis of NU Admission Test

  • Merit is determined by assigning 40% weight to marks obtained in Intermediate (part-I) (or an equivalent exam).
  • For those whose Intermediate results are not available, their Matriculation marks are considered.
  • Marks obtained in the NU Online Admission Test are assigned the remaining 60% weight.

Selection on the basis of SAT score

  •  Combined score of 1,500 or more in the SAT-I examination
  • At least 550 in the SAT-II (Math Level IIC) examination.

BSCS Scope and Jobs In Pakistan:

BSCS is not a single subject as you can see from the above subject chart. A person getting an admission will study all these subjects and later can specialize in any of them. The most basic and important subject among these is Computer Languages that includes C++, C, JAVA etc. and some of them are known as programming languages these languages are used to program various programs including Windows, iOS, android etc. the games we play are also produced from those languages. In addition to it the application software running in our computers and phone is the creation of CS experts. More over in Pakistan there are many vacancies for CS experts in multinational companies and schools, universities and colleges hire them as teachers too. So good luck to all of you and best wishes for your future.

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