Cardiac Perfusion In Pakistan

Here we are going to exhibit comprehensive information regarding cardiac perfusion in Pakistan scope of jobs, salary, subjects, and Universities offering cardiac perfusion admission. Perfusion refers to the delivery of blood through the circulatory system to a capillary bed in tissue. Cardiac Perfusion is the process of scanning and measuring the amount of blood in your heart at rest and exercise. It also refers to the study of how blood flows through heart muscles. Cardiac percussionists are not doctors but technologists. If you are interested and want to become a cardiac percussionist it is necessary to fulfill the eligibility criteria, there are so many colleges and universities in Pakistan which are offering BSc in Cardiac Perfusion. You can pursue your career in this career-orienting field of study after reading this article below. Keep reading this article until the end will probably help you in this regard.

BS Cardiac Perfusion In Pakistan

Cardiac Perfusion In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Cardiac Perfusion Scope In Pakistan:

There is a huge and demanding scope of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan. Pakistani Population is becoming one of the higher-risk victims of coronary heart disease (CHD). Almost 30 to 40% of deaths in Pakistan are happened due to Cardiovascular Heart Disease (CHD). There are so many job opportunities for cardiac perfusion technologists in the different public and private hospitals of Pakistan. This is one of the highest-paying professions in Pakistan. You can also open your own private clinic after your BSc in Cardiac Perfusion.

Cardiac Perfusion Jobs in Pakistan:

A graduate who has done BS cardiac perfusion in Pakistan can find different job posts in cardiac centers in Hospitals. It is because of a properly specified field of the profession so that is why the job opportunities would revolve around the posts of Assistant percussionist and surgical technologist. Besides this, there are lots of job opportunities to which one can apply after the announcement of cardiac perfusion. There are so many job opportunities for Cardiac Perfusion Technologists prevailing in Pakistan in both the public and private sectors. If you are interested in BSc Cardiac Perfusion, I must recommend studying BSc Cardiac Perfusion, in this way, you can easily build a successful career in this field.

Cardiac Perfusion Salary In Pakistan:

Cardiac perfusion technologists are earning a good package in Pakistan. Almost out of 10 every 3rd person is suffering from cardiac disease in Pakistan. The estimated salary of Cardiac Perfusion technologists in the public sector started from perfusionists earning Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25, 000/- per month, a few earn up to Rs. 50,000/- per month. And Only some most senior 15-20 years experienced persons are earning 2 -3 lacs. This is a handsome salary package earning jobs not only in Pakistan but in most of the countries of the world where Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) are common.

Cardiac Perfusion Subjects In Pakistan:

There are the following major subjects studied in BSc Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan offering most of the universities in Pakistan.

  1. Basic Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Basic Biochemistry
  4. General Pathology
  5. Islamic Studies
  6. Ethics and Pakistan Studies
  7. Behavioral Science
  8. Computer Education
  9. Cardiovascular Anatomy / Physiology / Cardiovascular Hematology/ Cardiovascular Microbiology / Cardiopulmonary Diseases
  10. Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Physics
  11. Perfusion Technology
  12. Medical Statistics and Research Methods

BS Cardiac Perfusion Admission Requirements In Pakistan:

In order to get admission to BSc Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan, the candidates must fulfill the below-listed eligibilities and requirements. The eligibility criteria may differ from institute to institute.

  • FSc Pre-Medical / A-Level or Equivalent Degree
  • The candidate must score 50% aggregate marks
  • Candidates have to pass further Entrance tests of the institute or university
  • The candidates who didn’t fulfill the criteria are not eligible to get admission to Cardiac Perfusion.

Universities Offering Cardiac Perfusion In Pakistan:

There are so many excellent colleges and universities in Pakistan which are offering B.Sc Cardiac Perfusion. The names of some of the universities are listed below;

  1. University of Punjab (Lahore)
  2. Zia-and-din Medical University (Karachi)
  3. National University of Medical Sciences (Rawalpindi)
  4. Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology (Faisalabad)
  5. Gulab Devi Post Graduate Medical Institute (Lahore)
  6. Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute (Rawalpindi)
  7. King Edward Medical University (Lahore)
  8. Bashir Para Medical Institute (Islamabad)
  9. Tabba Heart Institute (Karachi)
  10. Punjab Institute of Cardiology (Lahore)

Hence this is complete information about Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects, and universities offering BS cardiac perfusion admission. In order to become a heart doctor or Perfusionist in Pakistan, one should have to be prepared about what he is going to do and what his career would be in this heart surgery medical field.

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