Chemical Pathology In Pakistan Scope

Chemical Pathology is the branch of Pathology which deals with the study of biochemical basics of disease and us of biochemical techniques and application for diagnosis, prognosis, management, and screening. Pathologists are involved in the study of cause and effects of diseases by using modern applications and techniques for diagnosis of diseases. The chemical pathologists are also responsible for reliable analytical services such as kidney functions, hormones, drugs, and tumors. Mainly the chemical Pathologists are concerned with the biochemical mechanisms in relation to diseases through analysis or tests of body fluids such as blood and urine. Here below you can easily find the best information regarding the Chemical Pathology in Pakistan scope, jobs opportunities and salary of Chemical Pathologist, major subjects and the list of universities which are offering Chemical Pathology in Pakistan. Keep reading this article until the end will surely help you in this regard.

Chemical Pathology In Pakistan Scope

Chemical Pathology In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Chemical Pathology in Pakistan Scope:

There are huge scope and demand for Chemical Pathology in Pakistan in different medical fields. It opens so many doors of employment opportunities in Pakistan. A chemical pathologist can easily build a successful career in this field. Chemical pathology develops challenging guts in order to meet the current demanding requirements of pathology. There are number of employment areas in which as chemical pathologist can easily work are mentioned below;

  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Medical Research Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Para Medical Institute
  • Medical Diagnostic Labs
  • Forensic Departments
  • Medical Hospitals and Colleges
  • Post Mortem Departments

Chemical Pathology Jobs in Pakistan:

Chemical Pathologist is never being a jobless person in Pakistan. There are so many job opportunities for Chemical pathologist in Pakistan in both public and private sectors at handsome salary package. A chemical pathologist can easily get employment in any of the below-listed posts;

  • Laboratory In charge
  • Researcher
  • Pathologist
  • General Pathologist
  • Veterinary Pathologist
  • Lab Technician
  • Clinical Pathologist
  • Professional Medical Writer

Chemical Pathology Salary in Pakistan:

The salary of chemical pathology may vary from organization and post. The estimated salary of a chemical pathologist in Pakistan starts from Rs. 40,000 to 150,000 per month. There may be some difference lies in the salary of the chemical pathologist at public and private sector and also varies from the fresh and experienced pathologist.

Major Subjects of Chemical Pathology:

Following are the major subjects of chemical pathology which are offering by most of the universities in Pakistan.

  1. Evaluation and Analytical Methods
  2. Immune Chemical Techniques
  3. Mass Spectrometry
  4. Major Biochemical Assay Methods
  5. Pathophysiology
  6. Pediatric Chemical Chemistry
  7. Automation and Point Care Testing
  8. Animal Handling
  9. Clinical Endocrinology
  10. Biochemical Analytics
  11. Basic Principles of Laboratory Medicine
  12. Molecular Diagnostic and Genetics

Universities Offering Chemical Pathology in Pakistan:

There are excellent universities in Pakistan which are offering Chemical Pathology; the names of some of the universities are listed below;

  1. Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Islamabad)
  2. Dow University of Health Sciences (Karachi)
  3. University of Health Sciences (Lahore)
  4. National University of Medical Sciences (Rawalpindi)
  5. King Edward Medical University (Lahore)
  6. Isra University (Islamabad)
  7. Post Graduate Medical Institute (Lahore)
  8. Islamic International College (Islamabad)

All these details about Chemical Pathology in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects, universities offering BSc chemical pathology is all written here. These details are providing you maximum information and career lineup in this field of studies. I am hoping that you are all now well aware of this program. In case of getting any further query or inquiry, you can leave your comment in the following comment box.

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