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Clinical Psychology In Pakistan

The degree of clinical psychology in Pakistan is one of the important fields of grabbing a successful career. Besides the scope, we are also telling you about its jobs, salary, subjects,  and universities list. It is an integration of science and refers to the study of clinical knowledge in order to understand the psychologically based distress to diagnose, treat and prevent mental disorders. It is an emerging field in Pakistan. This field exists in 1896. Clinical Psychology is one the main and important branch of Psychology. The clinical psychology scope in Pakistan is very high since so many years. Majority of the people in Pakistan are facing the problem of distress, depression and anxiety etc and so many other mental disorders. It is one of the best subjects and field to study as there is a huge scope in this field and also falls in the list of the highest paying profession in Pakistan.

Clinical Psychology In Pakistan

Here below you can easily find the detail information regarding the scope and salary of a clinical psychologist, job opportunities and job sectors for clinical psychologists, major subjects, and eligibility criteria for a clinical psychologist at both Bachelors and Masters Level, the list of top colleges and universities which are offering clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Clinical Psychology Scope In Pakistan:

There is a huge scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan. You can easily open your own private clinic or may work in any other private or public hospital. If you fail to pass the MCAT and still want to become a doctor than undeniably clinical psychology is one of the best fields to study. An individual with a degree of BS clinical psychology of MS clinical psychology can easily work as a criminal psychologist, researcher, doctor, teacher in any educational institution, writer, career adviser, journalist, consultants, sports psychologist etc. So if you are having an interest in this field then never ignore the clinical psychology scope in Pakistan.

Clinical Psychology Salary In Pakistan:

When you are going to do the clinical psychology in Pakistan, you must check out its salary. An estimate salary of BS or MS in clinical psychologist degree starts from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 200,000 in Pakistan. Clinical Psychology salary in Pakistan depends upon your institute and the working experience you have. It is one of the highest paying professions. One can deal as his own business in this field of studies. Beside this, a salary package also depends upon the skills of a candidate and the time duration a candidate has spent in his business.

Clinical Psychology Jobs In Pakistan:

There is a huge number of job opportunities after clinical psychology in Pakistan are prevailing every time in Pakistan in both private and public sectors for Clinical Psychologists. In order to lead a successful career and make your future bright, I must recommend studying clinical psychology, as it is the best field for women. You can easily get employed in below-listed public or private sectors. These are some hints of clinical psychology jobs in Pakistan are listed below.

  • Public Hospital
  • Private Hospitals and Clinics
  • Agencies
  • Research Centers
  • Local and International Team Centers
  • Armed Forces
  • Newspaper and Magazines
  • Mental Hospitals
  • Investigation departments
  • Forensic Labs
  • Civil Services Training Centers
  • Consultant organizations
  • Career Counseling Institutes
  • Colleges/Universities etc

Clinical Psychology Subjects In Pakistan:

In BSc clinical psychology as well as in MSc clinical psychology you will study the following clinical psychology subjects in Pakistan during the whole semester.

  1. Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  2. Adulthood Psychopathology
  3. Developmental Psychopathology
  4. NLP in Psychotherapy
  5. Therapeutic Approaches with Children
  6. Therapeutic Approaches with Adults
  7. Neuropsychology
  8. Data Collection Methods
  9. Child Psychodiagnostic Assessments
  10. Research Designs and Related Statistical Analysis
  11. Clinical Case Report
  12. School Psychology
  13. Health Psychology
  14. Therapeutic Techniques in NLP Hypnosis
  15. Adult Psycho-Diagnostic Assessments

BSc Clinical Psychology Eligibility Criteria:

  • In order to get admission in Bachelors of Clinical Psychology, the interested candidates must have passed intermediate (12th standard).
  • The interested candidate must have 45% marks at inter level in order to get admission in BS Clinical Psychology.
  • Candidates having less than 45% marks at 12th standard are not eligible to apply

MSc Clinical Psychology Eligibility Criteria:

  • In order to get admission in Masters of Clinical psychology, the interested candidates must have 16 years f education in the relevant fields/subject.
  • The candidate must have 50% marks CGPA 2.5 out of 4.00 in BS
  • The candidates who score less than 50% in BS clinical psychology or relevant field are not eligible to apply in this regard.

Universities Offering Clinical Psychology In Pakistan:

There are so many colleges and universities which are offering clinical psychology at BS and MS level in Pakistan some of them are listed below;

  1. King Edward Medical University
  2. University of Punjab
  3. Government College University
  4. Bahria University
  5. National University of Science and Technology
  6. University of Karachi
  7. Lahore Garrison University 
  8. Women Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences
  9. Women Institute of Learning
  10. Imperial College of Business Studies

Hence these are all the details about Clinical Psychology in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects, and universities offering are all listed here. We are hoping that you have obtained all the details for what you were searching for. But in case of any further assistance regarding this course of study you can leave your comment in the following commenting section.

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