Inter Commerce ICom Subjects List, Admission Criteria, Scope In Pakistan

ICOM stands for Intermediate in Commerce in Pakistan. We are writing this post for inter commerce ICom subjects list, admission criteria, scope in Pakistan. It is a startling degree of yours if you want to pursue your career in a finance and commerce field. Commerce students are inducted in a business field. This degree of Intermediate Commerce in Pakistan will be giving you an initial and basic understanding of the field of financial management. From this study program, you get to know how to calculate the financial and business ratios. This initial and basic studying will give you concepts that how should possible investment should be carried out. The role of the securities market and also commerce institutions are clearly elaborated at this level of studies. Keep on reading this article to get more details about ICom part 1, and part 2 subjects list, eligibility, career after it and all other details which are necessary for a beginner to get know before taking the final decision.

Inter Commerce ICom Subjects List, Admission Criteria, Scope In Pakistan

Inter Commerce ICom Subjects List, Admission Criteria, Scope In Pakistan

Subjects of ICom Part 1, 2:

There are two parts of intermediate commerce i.e. Icom part 1 (1st year) and ICom part 2 (2nd year). This two years program has a different scheme of studies which depends upon the subjects listed below.

ICom Compulsory Subjects List (1st Year, 2nd Year):

  • English (part 1, 2)
  • Urdu (part 1, 2)
  • Islamic Studies (Part 1)
  • Pak Studies (Part 2)

ICom Elective Subjects List (1st Year, 2nd Year) Optional:

  • Principal of Accounting: – You will study this subjects in Icom part 1 and 2. This course tells you that how the balance sheet should be made, how to make profit and loss statements, how to make an income sheet and an income statement. How to project the future earnings. You study principles of accounting.
  • Computer Studies or Banking: – This is only the ICom part 2 subject. It depends upon the student selection which book he or she wants to study in icom 2nd year subjects.
  • Business Mathematics: – This subject is also for icom 1st year. This is not as complicated mathematics as FSc or ICS have. The calculus and other math topic are just simple and easy for a student who has study math in matric.
  • Principal of Economics: – You will study this book in part 1. The demand and supply concepts with regard to the national and international market line are teach in this program.
  • Principal of Commerce: –  In I.Com part 1 you will have to pass Principal of commerce paper. It is the basic commerce course, you learn about the trading aspects. You study principles of commerce course as well.
  • Commercial Geography:- part 2 have this subject which is very interesting and containing the information about the properties of land and the geographical interface of Pakistan and other countries.
  • Statistics:- In ICom part 2 a merely tough subject after the principal of accounting is this stats. This subject has mathematical plus-minus and calculations as per the rules of statistics.

Admission Requirement:

  • To get admission in I.COM, you should have passed your matric or equivalence
  • Minimum eligibility for marks percentage is 50% which varies from college to college

I.Com Scope:

If one has an Intermediate in Commerce degree in his hands then with the further specialization in this subject, an individual can be inducted in any of the fields of accountancy and economics. Below is the list of career line options that can be opted by you:

  • Career as a Management executive, you can be employed as a junior accountant.
  • You can also become a Construction estimator or a purchaser because by having this I.COM degree, you get a fien grip in numbers and figures.
  • You can be hired as an Auditor or as a compliance officer at a junior level
  • Job of Compensation coordinator and Human resources specialist at a junior level can be given to you.
  • If you have an advanced I.COM degree then you can become a Money manager as well.
  • You can also try the fields of Business Management and Consultancy. Get jobs there at a junior level.
  • The job of Information Systems Manager is also well suited for these Intermediate in Commerce candidates. But first, they have to get a masters commerce degree in their hands to get this managerial post.
Career Options After Intermediate Commerce in Pakistan? 

These are complete details about inter commerce ICom subjects list, admission criteria, scope in Pakistan and career opportunities after ICom in Pakistan. Hope you have understood for what you are searching for. but in case you have any further query or want to get any inquiry regarding Inter in Commerce, then send your comments in the following commenting section.

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