Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine DVM In Pakistan

Those students who want be a human doctor in Pakistan generally goes with MBBS or BDS, while numbers of pet lowers are now taking turn towards DVM in Pakistan. This field is called veterinary sciences and its degree is Doctor of Veterinary medicine DVM in Pakistan. DVM is a bachelors level five years’ degree programs. This field of medical science deals with the treatment, psychological assessment of an animal behavior, prescription of medicine according to their disease age and blood nature. In this page I am talking about the DVM scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary and of course the career of DVM doctor in this country. But before talking about these details I would like to make your well realize its importance and field of interest.

Most of the times, parents or sometimes students thinks that this is not a scope-full field. But now the demand of a DVM doctor is getting higher these days. Special hospitals are being set up with lots of opportunities and positions. So we can’t underestimate this field of study because after reading this post you will realize how this field is important for a better and healthy career and future.

Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine DVM In Pakistan

Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine DVM In Pakistan

DVM Subjects:

The following subjects are being studied to students in 4 years honors programs. But these are just the main subjects while the complete booklet you will get from the university prospectus you will take admission.

  • Veterinary Anatomy
  • General Veterinary Histology
  • Veterinary Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Fundamentals of Livestock Production
  • Systemic Veterinary Histology and Embryology
  • Introduction to Poultry Production
  • General Veterinary Microbiology
  • Animal Welfare and Ethics
  • Islamic Studies/Ethics
  • General and Systemic Pharmacology
  • General Veterinary Pathology
  • Anthropology
  • Veterinary Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Bio-statistics
  • Livestock Extension Education
  • Veterinary Chemotherapy and Toxicology
  • Systemic Veterinary Pathology
  • Veterinary Helminthological
  • Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
  • Mathematics
  • Livestock Economics and Business Management
  • Zoonoses and Food Safety
  • Introduction to Meat Processing Technologies

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM In Pakistan Degree:

It’s a 5 years bachelor’s degree program including 1 year of house job in college affiliated institute or hospital. A student who have done FSc pre medical or A-levels with bio majors and his / her age should not more than 25 year, can take admission after an entry test.

DVM Scope In Pakistan:

Scope of doctor of veterinary medicine DVM doctor is so high these days. As we know those 4 out of 10 students will done DVM and 2 out of these 4 will complete their degree. So that is why there is a lake of experienced and qualified animal doctors in our Pet hospitals. When someone has good abilities and his/ her degree is done with greater marks will be more demand and will take maximum opportunities. Beside Pakistan if we talk about the foreign countries then the scope will be more higher because these countries prefers a veterinary doctor more than Pakistani medical hospitals. Even though it’s a well scope full field in Pakistan.

DVM Jobs In Pakistan:

Talking about jobs for veterinary doctor then you have a lots of posts on which you can be hired from your initial levels to the experienced doctor. You could be hiring at any animal’s hospital as a doctor, you can easily hold dairy farms, poultry farms, and race clubs or you can also hold the field of wildlife sanctuaries as well as in zoo or safari parks provides better opportunities for a veterinary doctor for holding good job posts. These jobs are released through the news papers on public as well as private levels. Pharmaceutical industries appoint veterinary doctors in their research and development departments for the development of drugs, chemicals and medicines particularly antibiotics and vaccines both for animal, birds and fisheries use.

DVM Salary In Pakistan:

As I have written in the above passage that the scope and jobs opportunities are so much for DVM doctors in Pakistan. That is why they salary is increasing for an experienced or newly passed doctors. Starting salary of DVM in Pakistan is starting from Rs. 30, 000/- on public level while on a private level one can take salary amount Rs. 45, 000/-.

DVM Career In Pakistan:

Being one of the lowest competitive but well demanded field of studies it is a demanding career filed in Pakistan. career is bright for DVM doctors in Pakistan. They are getting lots of jobs opportunity, grabbing higher scope, handsome salary packages as well as the better career line. So if you are confusing about choosing this field of studies then never give up about it because doctor of veterinary medicine DVM in Pakistan is a well demanding field where new generation can stand up for a successful ways of future. Here I would also like to invite you to send your reviews and comments about this topic in the following comments box. Thank You!

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    1. Pakistan Veterinary medical Council graduates ko practitioner certificates deti ha admission k Time pe hi pvmc me entry hoti ha
      professional degree aur kesay hoti

  1. Dear sir, I have done my first semester but when I started my first semester I thought to leave it but in these inconsistencies I done my first semester but 70% out of 100% seniors and general public said discouraging talks about it.My resolution is to be a csp officer after doing this but after joining it I found that I couldn’t manage to prepare for css along with it. Because it put on us mental pressure ,and give us some kind of depression all time. Now I have decided to leave it and join llb hons in ucp as it is also a professional degree and it has exposure with css preparation too.
    What do you think should I leave Dvm as seniors said you can’t get a good job after doing it and you will regret then for wasting your five years

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