Forestry Scope In Pakistan

You are taking Admission to the Bachelor of Forestry degree in Pakistan and here we are sharing the Forestry scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, and universities offering forestry in Pakistan. It is the branch of Agriculture and Biology Science. Forestry refers to the study of planting, managing, and protecting forests. Forests play a vital role in the progress of a country as it is a good source of wood, energy, raw material, etc. This is one of the best fields to study. There is a limited number of excellent colleges and universities which are offering Forestry/Agriculture at both Bachelors and Masters Level. The forestry scope in Pakistan is very high because less than 4% of the land is covered with forest in Pakistan. The basic aim and objective of forestry are to bring awareness among people regarding reforestation. Here below we are going to exhibit the important information regarding the scope of forestry in Pakistan and career opportunities after this degree program.

Forestry Scope In Pakistan

You are also getting the admission taking eligibility criteria for BSc and MSc forestry in Pakistan and list of universities which are offering forestry in Pakistan. For further information read this article until the end.

Forestry Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Forestry Scope In Pakistan:

The field of forestry in Pakistan has upgraded scope which is most of the time underestimated by the students to elect a career-oriented scope in Pakistan. But do you know that God has bestowed Pakistan with those blessings which are not found anywhere else? There is a much bigger area is the jungle is yet not been discovered. Even our scientists are not yet fully aware of all kinds of plants and herbs. There are lots of benefits of these plants in different fields of life. So if one does perfection in this field of studies can be jobless or career failure? Of course never! A person with a graduate or master’s degree in forestry will never be jobless. He/she will be able to do a job in different public and private organizations and industries in Pakistan. He/she can also work in research departments.

Forestry Salary In Pakistan:

The estimated salary after a Bachelor of Forestry in Pakistan starts from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 70,000 and a master’s in forestry starts from Rs. 50,000/- to more than Rs. 100,000/-  in Pakistan according to the latest research. Moreover, salary is also depending upon your own research, skills, and perfection which depends upon your interest and your time to serve in this field of profession. So this is one of the best subjects to study in order to make your future bright.

Forestry Jobs In Pakistan:

There is a number of job opportunities in the industrial sector prevailing throughout the year in Pakistan. It is also the best-paying profession and job in Pakistan. A Bachelors or Masters in forestry degree holder can easily get the employee listed below sectors easily.

  • Forest Department
  • Nurseries
  • Farm Houses
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Wildlife Department
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides industries
  • Agriculture Corporations
  • NGO’s
  • Man-Made Forests
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Research Organizations
  • Artificial Forests etc

Forestry Subjects In Pakistan:

The bachelor of forestry degree in Pakistan is a four years undergraduate degree program. Different universities offer different courses but here we have here mentioned the list of major subjects in Forestry in Pakistan. When a candidate takes Admission to BSc Forestry or MSc Forestry will study the following subjects in different semesters during the whole academic session.

  • Soil Science
  • Forests Biometrics
  • Forest Insects and Diseases
  • Environmental Economics
  • Natural Resource Policy
  • Forest Management
  • Recreational Land Management
  • Forest Procurement
  • Environmental Law
  • Watershed or Hydrology
  • Forest Operations
  • Timber Conservation and Forestry Management
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Forest Economics
  • Urban Forestry
  • Soil Conservation

BSc Forestry In Pakistan Eligibility:

Most of the colleges and universities have their own eligibility criteria for a bachelor of forestry in Pakistan, but the common criteria are listed below.

  • In order to get admission in BS Forestry, the interested candidates have’t pass intermediate from any recognized institute with the major subject (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry)
  • The interested candidate must have 40 to 50% marks in 12th standard in all major subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

MSc Forestry In Pakistan Eligibility:

When you have done the BSc or BA in forestry then you can now read the following MSc forestry in Pakistan eligibility criteria for taking admission in this degree program.

  • The eligibility criteria may vary from university to university
  • In order to get admission in MSc Forestry, the candidates must have passed BSc in agriculture or forestry.
BS Forestry Universities In Pakistan

Hence these are all the details about forestry scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, and offering universities. I am hoping that you are all now well aware of these details and will pursue your career in this field of studies to grab a successful Forestry career in Pakistan. You can also add your comments in the following comments box to get more details or in order to suggest to others about this field of study.

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