Gems And Jewellery Designing In Pakistan

Here we are telling you about the details of Gems and Jewellery designing in Pakistan courses, career scope, jobs and institutes offering this program. First of all, I would like to make you familiar with the introduction to this field of work. Gems and Jewellery designing is an art which is actually the creation of someone’s own mind and it also attracts the other’s eye. Well if we talk in details then we have seen that there are two terminologies are being used in the title of this article. The term Gem means a Gem or a jewel, or a precious stone, or semi-precious stone. These Gems are used in Jewellery to upsurge the beauty of your product. So these Gems and Jewellery courses in Pakistan makes you able to design the Jewellery with the use of Gems or stones. The stones are a special piece of mineral crystal which is naturally found in different places on earth. The geologist finds these precious stones and classified them that either that stone has a worth of not. So if you also have interest in this field of work then below you will get the details about Gems and Jewellery designing in Pakistan courses, career scope, jobs and of course the institutes offering this course.

Gems And Jewellery Designing In Pakistan

 Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) has designed special courses for the practice of students in this field of work. The government of Pakistan has also taken special steps for the promotion of this precious art in both the male and females.

Gems And Jewellery Designing In Pakistan Courses, Career Scope, Jobs

Gems and Jewellery Designing Courses In Pakistan:

There are various courses which are being offered by the Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) for a student after intermediate. There are some universities are offering a degree program in this field on undergraduate and graduate level. But on the basics, you can do any of the following courses of gems and Jewellery designing in Pakistan.

  • Bachelors of Design (Jewellery Design and Gemological Science)
  • Jewelry Designing CAD
  • Gemstone Faceting
  • Gemstone Carving
  • Jewelry Carving
  • Manual Jewellery Designing
  • Gemstone Identification
  • Jewelry Manufacturing

Gems and Jewellery Designing Career Scope in Pakistan:

We all know that the idea about the career and scope of any field is measured with the number of career build opportunities and the income. So when we talk about the gems and Jewellery designing career scope in Pakistan then we have seen a lot of unique Jewellery designs in Pakistan, we have worthwhile stones and gems in Pakistan which are available in different cuts and shapes. So all this is happening after the hard work of a geologist and Jewellery designers in Pakistan. Remember that the most valuable stone on the earth The Diamond is also a Gem and that is also crafted by a gemologist. So we can imagine that in the field how much we can make progress to build a healthy career in Gems and Jewellery designing in Pakistan. Just keep on reading this article to get further details about the job opportunities. You can do designs for your own brand or there are so many design houses where you can grab a high rank of work. The most popular example of working is as below.

  • Bareeze Man
  • Shafaq Habib
  • Anum Designer
  • Aazar Azirani
  • Popinjay
  • Sonar
  • Marriala Consultants
  • Zara Shahjahan
  • Aliel Jewellers
  • REMA

Gems and Jewellery Designing Jobs In Pakistan:

There are lots of companies and industries where they are just working on Jewellery designing while similarly lots of companies are working for the gems designing. Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company offers a lot of job opportunities for the professionals who are having good skills in this field such as you can be hired for any of the following Gems and Jewellery designing jobs in Pakistan.

  • Gems and Jewellery Designer on CAD/CAM
  • Carving
  • Lab In-charge
  • Marketing and Coordination Manager
  • Gems Analyst
  • Quality Controller and Checker
  • Lab Technician
  • Gemologist
  • Jewelry manufacturing Instructor

Gems and Jewellery Designing Courses in Pakistan Institutes:

The Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) has organized different training centers in different cities of Pakistan where one can take admission in above-written courses. You can find Gems & Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centers (GJTMCs) for your city including Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Rawalpindi, and Multan. While if you ask about a university or college offering Gems and Jewellery designing in Pakistan courses then Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing PIFD Department of Gems and Jewellery design. Here you can do bachelors and master’s degree in this field of study.

Hence the complete details about Gems and Jewellery Designing in Pakistan courses, career scope, jobs, Institutes offering gemology in Pakistan is all written here. We are hoping that you are all now well aware of this course of study. If you have any suggestion or query regarding this details you can leave your comment in the following commenting section for others.

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