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Gender Studies Degree In Pakistan

The gender studies degree in Pakistan is among newly introduce subjects in Pakistan that is why most people are unaware of its scope, jobs, salary, and offering universities. This is one of the best fields for females to study. It refers to the study of gender identity, gender representation as central categories of analysis. A gender study includes the study regarding women, Feminism, Gender, and Politics. Here below you can easily find the detail information regarding the scope of gender studies degree in Pakistan at bachelors and masters programs. In the whole course, students use to study gender equality among women’s study, gents study, as well as the queer study. There was a big lake of gender equality in our society was lying a few years back, but the awareness about this sector has developed the society with lots of positive aspects.

Gender Studies Degree In Pakistan

Now, all the women, men, and queer genders are taking equal opportunities to apply on a job, they get an equal chance of earning, study, and lots of other opportunities which were not introduced before. It all becomes possible after gender studies degree in Pakistan and here you are going to read the relevant details.

Scope Of Gender Studies Degree In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Scope Of Gender Studies Degree In Pakistan:

The scope of gender studies degree in Pakistan was not as higher as it has groomed now. Recently the government of Pakistan has taken special steps to promote gender equality. And to fulfill the desired necessities they are hiring the graduates having gender studies degree in Pakistan. That is why the peoples who have the interest to demolish this hitch from our society they must take admission in this program and complete their studies to hold a superior rank in their communities. Gender studies basically emphasis on the equality of men and women in the society. The demand for gender studies is becoming high because almost every state and federal agency requires the person who has specialized skills in gender studies and gender relations.

Gender Studies Jobs in Pakistan:

One can easily serve or work in many fields with a different leading post having BS or Ms in Gender Studies degree. One who has recently done a bachelors or a masters degree in this majors can even be hired on any of the following jobs.

  • Union Organizer
  • Town Manager
  • Teacher
  • Theater Staff
  • Public Relation Director
  • Social Worker
  • Public Health Educator
  • Psychotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Program Director of a Rape Crises Center
  • Professor
  • Physician
  • Novelist
  • Manager of Energy Conservation
  • Journalist
  • Flight Instructor
  • Coordinator of Woman’s Health Clinic
  • Communications Consultant
  • Congressional Aid Executive Director of a foundation

Gender Studies Salary In Pakistan:

As I have written in the above passage that the Gender Studies degree in Pakistan is also known as the women’s study, men’s study and the other genders present around us. The BS or MS gender studies holder can easily earn from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 150,000 varies to employment field and employment posts. In our hospitals, new departments are being installed to modify this field of study in practical life. Its a handsome way of earning and to manage their living standard.

Gender Studies Courses In Pakistan:

If you are intending to take admission in gender studies degree after intermediate, then you are informed it is an honors level degree. It contains on four years and eight semesters. Different universities have their different scheme of studies for Gender studies syllabus in Pakistan. But the following are the major subjects which everyone has to study while doing this course.

  1. Introduction to Gender studies/Women Studies
  2. Feminist Theories and Feminist Movements
  3. Latest Research Methodology
  4. Gender Discrimination and Solutions
  5. Gender and Women Development
  6. Gender Law in Pakistan and Abroad
  7. Women Healthcare Issues
  8. Female Psychology
  9. Gender and Development in Pakistan
  10. Females in Islamic Respective
  11. Females in Politics (Local and International)
  12. Female and their Role in Business Management
  13. Women’s Rights in India Sub-Continent
  14. Female and Media
  15. Female at workplace
  16. Role of Female in Pakistan and International Literature
  17. Women’s Security Issues in Peace and War
  18. Women Economics Empowerment
  19. Female and their role in the Education field
  20. Violence Against Female and Remedies
  21. Global Women’s Movement and their Efforts
  22. Female and their role in Environment Protection

Universities Offering Gender Studies Degree In Pakistan:

Few of the universities are offering gender studies in Pakistan which are listed below;

Hence the complete details about the scope of gender studies degree in Pakistan, jobs, salary, courses, and subjects, as well as the universities offering gender studies, are all written in this post. I am hoping that you are now well aware of the importance and career of BSc gender studies and MSc gender studies in Pakistan. But in case of having any further query or inquiry, you can add your comments in the following comments box.

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