Genetic Engineering In Pakistan

Through the way of this page, we are extricating the genetic engineering in Pakistan scope, subjects, career, jobs, and salary. But before that, we should be familiar with this term of studies. The definition of genetic engineering is: A field premeditated with the modification of organisms or genome’s characteristics by manipulating its genetic material is known as genetic engineering or genetic modification. This field of studies is merging the two different majors; medical and engineering together. This is why whenever we talk about genetic or genes engineering we also discuss the biotechnology in Pakistan. But there is a keen difference between both these programs; biotechnology deals with the production and development of biomedical under engineering principals, while the genetic engineering deals with the modification of genes in a new generation. During the whole course, a student learns about technologies to modify the genetic structure of cells for generating new DNA.

Genetic Engineering In Pakistan

Genetic Engineering In Pakistan Scope, Subjects, Career, Jobs, Salary

Genetic Engineering in Pakistan:

There are various universities offering genetic engineering and biotechnology in Pakistan. Both these subjects are rottenly taught together but the majors of both of these subjects are different from each other in the term of techniques. In foreign countries, genetic engineering teaches on the separate principles than to biotechnology but, it because this field is just recently launched a few years ago that is why both the teachers and students are yet in researching for it. Yet a student thinks of this field of study will keep no career or scope or there are fewer jobs for genetic engineers are available. If you are also having the same thinking then you are informed that you have lots of career build opportunities which are being discussed below to this passage.

Genetic Engineering Subjects In Pakistan:

This field of studies is being studied at undergraduate and graduate or masters level i.e. BSc Genetic engineering and MSc genetic engineering. For taking admission in BSc program a student has to pass FSc pre-medical or pre-engineering with at least 60% marks and have to pass combined entry test. For taking admission in MSc genetic engineering has to done BSc engineering and the GAT test of NTS. Now keep on reading to get the list of subjects…

  • Biochemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Genetic engineering
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Intellectual property
  • Cellular Bioengineering
  • Eukaryota genetics
  • Protein expression
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Epigenetic
  • Gene therapy
  • Path-biology, virology, and immunology
  • Neurobiology
  • Forensic and computational biotechnology
  • Tissue engineering
  • Cellular pharmacology
  • Biostatistics and structure-function relationships

During a bachelors program, student study for four years in college or university. After completing the class studies he or she take one or two years house job for practice purpose and receive a practice certificate and BSc degree from the university. After this, he or she can join any professional research institute or lab.

Genetic Engineering Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of genetic engineering is getting higher day by day in Pakistan. Although yet Pakistan has not made any invention in this field recently the scientist has announced for discovering new genomes for animals to raise then sooner naturally but more than to their recent body size. You can take an example of the poultry farming business where the hens are getting thicker in less time than before. Similarly, cow farming is also generating new species with the help of genetic engineering. Moreover, these new species are also efficient in breeding and reproduction. Pakistan has a great deed of skill full genetic engineers and one who has good skills can hold a successful scope in Pakistan.

Genetic Engineering Career In Pakistan:

Before choosing this field of studies you have to make up your mind about to lead your professional life into the medical labs. The whole career is an encounter with your own interest and skills. But one important thing is that you have lots of career build opportunities. These opportunities lead you towards a healthy career and you can join different position according to your degree and worth.

Genetic Engineering Jobs In Pakistan:

Genetic engineering in Pakistan is a fast-growing sector where an individual can be appointed on numerous jobs opportunities in laboratories. These laboratories could be attached to some hospital or they can also be a sole representative for a biomedical research center. A genetic engineer can find a job in some pharmaceutical company, medicine company, agriculture research centers or allied industries. So you can be hired for the following posts…

  • Genetic plant engineer
  • Animal or microbial bio-technologist
  • Horticulture research center analyst
  • Food and nutrition scientist for human or animals
  • Laboratory DNA analyst
  • You can also hold the teaching line

Similarly, there are lots of jobs for genetic engineering which you can find easily.

Genetic Engineering Salary In Pakistan:

At the end of any course or work we see the income point of view and then we take initiative with it. So when we are talking about the genetic engineering in Pakistan salary, then firstly it depends upon the nature of your task then to your post and thirdly it depends upon your experience and duration in this field. But generally any public or private laboratory will start paying your from PKR 40, 000/- plus at starting. This amount will keep on increasing with the passage of time and position.

Genetic Engineering Branches:

  • Genetic Engineering In Humans
  • Genetic Engineering In Animals
  • Genetic Engineering In Agriculture
  • Genetic Engineering In Plants

Hence, these are complete guide of genetic engineering in Pakistan scope, subjects, career, jobs, salary. Hopefully this piece of article will proves to be very helpful for you, but in case of any query or suggestion just relating to this topic you can send your comment in the following comments sector. Thank you!

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