Hikmat Courses In Pakistan, Subjects, Scope and Career In Tibb-E-Unani

Hikmat is the traditional way of medicate a patient through natural herbals. That is why this field of study is also called as the Herbal Medicine Diploma of Tibb and one who done this course is known as Tabeeb or Hakeem. There are three main Hikmat courses in Pakistan while the each course has its own further classifications according to the terms of diseases. Through the way of this page you are learning about Hikmat courses in Pakistan, scope, Tibb-e-unani career, eligibility and salary. So before getting any details, we will take a flashback on the history of Hikmat in Pakistan. Tibb is actually the invention of Greece (Unan) since 460 – 377 B.c. and the idea is proceeding with each age. It is because the Hikmat is derived from Unan that is why it is also known as the Unani medical system (UMS).

The ministry of health Pakistan organizes an authority named as Pakistan National Council for Tibb (PNCT). PNCT was established in 1965 and since that time it is holding all the educational and supervision activities in this field. Each Hikmat college or institute is affiliate with this authority while a candidate who done his or her Hikmat course is also stamped and approved by the PNCT.

Hikmat Courses In Pakistan

Hikmat Courses In Pakistan, Subjects, Scope and Career In Tibb-E-Unani

Hikmat Course in Pakistan:

These are the following main courses which are being offered by different colleges and institutes. From the following courses the Fazil e Tibb wal Jarahat is the bachelors program which is offered after matric or inter. In this course candidates study four years and after that they will complete a training session at any Tibb clinic or hospital or organizations. After that PNC will issue the registration card or certificate and that is the prove for a registered Hakeem.

  • Fazil-E-Tibb Wal Jarahat (FTJ)
  • Diploma in Unani Medical System (DUMS)
  • Hikmat/ Herbal or Eastern Medicine Diploma

Major Subjects in Hikmat:

  • Introduction of Unani Pathy
  • Fundamentals of Unani Pathy
  • Fundamentals of Unani Pharmacy
  • Principles of Unani Treatment

Tibb e Unani Career in Pakistan:

Hikmat or Tibb e Unani career is very bright these days and in upcoming days. There are lots of people who firmly believe on herbal medicines instead of allopathy medicines due to their side-effects. Moreover the Tibb-e-Unani is in-expensive way of medication instead of allopathy medication. People are coming under the banner of this treatment with the passage of time and the advancement in this field. After doing FTJ or even a diploma course you can start a handsome career to earn handsome income. You can even start your own business after completing your educational class.

These hikmat courses in Pakistan are being offered by different colleges and I suggest you that if you are interested in this field of medication then you must be acquire with it. Your career and scope is good in Tibb e Unani as a Hakeem.

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  1. Dear Sir,,
    i am intrested in Tibb e Unani as a Hakeem, want to know the procedure .
    Duration of course?
    Fee of course?
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  2. I m federal govt employee.i want ftj course.and want to start a side career as hakeem.kindly contact me and guide me regarding necessary details plz.

  3. Aslam o Alaikum!
    Sir muje ye Janna tha k Kya ye course Ghar bethy online hoga ya regular classes leni hon gi?
    Aur fee structure Kya hai?


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