Interior Designing in Pakistan

If you are thinking to be an interior designer then you must be aware with this concept. Interior means the inner view while the designing means the decoration and arrangements. When both these terms merge means we have to decorate the core of anything. It could be a home interior, a car interior or a boutique or office interior. Now it depends upon you about which category of Interior designing in Pakistan you want to opt. Well it is a creative and a thought provoking degree program. During the studies you come up with some ground breaking projects. One can take admission in interior designing even after matric for a short diploma, after intermediate (FA Arts) BFA, or there is a major degree program. There are various colleges and universities which are offering interior designing in Pakistan like NCA, STEP institute of arts and design and many more. If you are also going to pursue your career in interior designing in Pakistan, then you should read about the interior designing courses, scope, jobs in Pakistan with admission requirement.

Interior Designing in Pakistan

Interior Designing Courses, Scope, Jobs in Pakistan Admission Requirement

Interior Designing Courses

With regard to the course outline and course introduction of this interior designing degree program, you have to study these courses:

  • Drawing course- You will be studying this drawing subject. In this course, you will be learning the use of materials. You will know how to draw the survey as well as drawing of elevations.
  • Designing course will also be taught to you. In this Design course, students will learn how to do space planning. You will be creating samples in this course and designing Mood boards as well.
  • Lighting course- This course will teach you that while designing the interior of any area, then how many types and forms of lighting are there, you will know about the schemes of lighting in detail.
  • Finishing course- This Finishing course will teach and make your learn that how you should be giving the finishing touch to floor as well as wall coverings. How should all kinds of textures and fabrics should be finished and made refined- all these detailings will be taught in this course.
  • Course of Soft Furnishings- This subjected course will let you know about the types of windows styles. How to visualize any of the designs, you will learn this aspect in this course.
  • Color theory course- It is an important course of this degree program, you learn to about the pshychlogical effects and also various kinds of lights and shades.

Interior Designing Scope and Career:

Interior designing in Pakistan offers these kinds of career lines! If you have this degree in your hands then you can design the residential homes, commercial scale plazas, entertainment areas- wide options are there for you:

  • You get this option to design homes and hotels. You get an opportunity in the sectors of hotels and showrooms to design their interior areas.
  • You can make a career of yours while you design the conference halls, commercial plazas, cinema house. Film houses and theater states can be designed by you.
  • This degree program of interior designing let you to find your career in the landscape designing. You can also do the residential designing.

Interior Designing Jobs, Salary:

Interior designing job options are immense! It is a fact these today, each of the firms and offices, malls and shopping plazas, theatre and cinema houses need of these interior designers so that they can better embellish their areas:

  • You can find a job in some of the Architectural firms. Get yourself employed in the Public departments like hotel chains and resort chains.
  • The sectors of regional development and also metropolitan development projects keep on needing interior designers more and more.
  • You can get a job in some private consultancy firm where interior designers will be hired so that they can give suggestions, ideas and consultancy that how particular should be designed!

Interior Designing Admission Requirement:

This course of studies is been offering after matric as a diploma program. But if you want to take admission at a bachelor level then you should have a degree of F.A with at least 50% marks. At the master level interior designing in Pakistan, you should be having a complete degree of 4 years program of Bachelor of Fine Arts B.FA.

Interior Designing Colleges and Universiteis In Pakistan

This is all about theĀ interior designing courses, scope, jobs in Pakistan admission requirement. As you have seen that there is a lot of career build opportunities you have if you done with these studies.

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