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Marine Science Scope In Pakistan

Marine Science refers to the study of the ocean from deep sea to shallow coastal oceans which involves its biology, chemistry, geology, and physics together. Marine science is also called oceanography. It has further branches which also have leading scope and demand in Pakistan. Pakistan has number os excellent institutes which are offering the studies of Marine Science and all its other branches. Here below you can easily find the detail information regarding the marine science scope in Pakistan, career opportunities, jobs, salary, subject and the list of universities which are offering Marine Science in Pakistan. Keep reading this article till the end will definitely help you in this regard.

Marine Science Scope In Pakistan

Marine Science Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subject, Universities

Marine Science Scope In Pakistan:

Oceanology or Marine Science holds the huge scope in Pakistan. It opens so many career opportunities and fields listed below;

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Ocean Mammal Trainer
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Archeology
  • Oceanology Researcher
  • Environmental Educator About Sea
  • Aquatic Veterinarian
  • Scuba Diving Instructor
  • Underwater Filmmaker
  • Oceanography Scientist
  • Marine Environment Economist

Marine Science Jobs in Pakistan:

It is rightly stated that a person holding Marine Science degree can never be a jobless person in Pakistan in the current demanding world. There is a number of jobs available for Marine Scientist in Pakistan. Marine Science opens towards a variety of jobs at handsome salary package in different organizations both in public and private sectors. The further field of Marine Science is also diverse and opens a huge number of doors for employment.

Marine Science Salary in Pakistan:

Marine Science is one of the highest paying job or profession not only in Pakistan but most of the countries of the world. The salary of Marine Scientist may vary from organization to organization. The estimated starting salary of a Marine Scientist is more than Rs. 100,000 whereas the experienced Marine scientist is earning round about Rs. 500,000 or more per month.

Marine Science Subjects in Pakistan:

Here is the list of the following subject of Marine Science which is offering by most of the universities in Pakistan;

  • Introduction to Marine Science
  • General Chemistry
  • General Biology
  • Statistics
  • General Geology
  • General Physics
  • Marine Ecology and Ecosystem
  • Computer Application
  • Biostatistics
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Marine Resources
  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Marine Biochemistry
  • Marine Microbiology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • Coastal and Marine Sedimentology
  • Marine Geochemistry
  • Ocean Basin Evolution
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Marine Population and Control
  • Marine Fisheries etc

Universities Offering Marine Science in Pakistan:

There are a number of best and excellent universities in Pakistan which are offering Marine Science in Pakistan. The names of some of the universities are listed below;

These are all the details about Marine science scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subject, universities offering BSc Marine Sciences in Pakistan. Students can also find this article as the Oceanography in Pakistan or oceanology in Pakistan.

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