Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Universities

Material science and engineering is the field of material science which deals with the discovery and designs of new materials. It also refers to the study of chemical properties and applications of various materials. In Material Science and Engineering you can learn that how materials are extracted, how materials are used, how materials can change and how it put together with other material to get a new material. This is very interesting and vast field deals with those industries where metals and alloys are used. But there are limited universities which are offering BSc material science and engineering in Pakistan and MSc. If you are really interested in this field you can find here the best detail regarding the scope of material science and engineering, job opportunities and career, the salary of a material engineer, core subjects, courses and the universities which are offering material science and engineering in Pakistan.

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Universities

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Scope:

There are a huge scope and demand for Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan. There are so many material industries are working right now in Pakistan, which recruits every year a huge number of employees at different positions. Many of the research organization and laboratories are in working to discover new materials which lead to the progress and success of the country. Following are the common companies and fields in which a material science engineer can be recruited easily;

  • Automobiles Industries
  • Leather Industries
  • Construction
  • Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber Industries
  • Electronics
  • Public and Private Labs
  • Gems and Stones Industries
  • Tanks
  • Alloy Making Industries
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear
  • Weapons
  • Chemical Industries
  • Mining and Minerals Departments etc

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Jobs & Career:

Material Science Engineering is never a jobless person in Pakistan. There are so many job opportunities are prevailing in Pakistan in different fields in which material science engineering can easily get employment at different positions with handsome salary. Different material industries are currently working in Pakistan at a high level. You can build a successful career in this field, it is also known as a highest paying profession in Pakistan. Further reading this article will familiarize you with a salary of material science and engineering in Pakistan.

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Salary:

Material Science Engineers are earning high in Pakistan no doubt, but the public sector is charging different from private sector. Salary of Material Engineer is also depended upon the personal skills and proficiency in work. Working in any research department, labs, administrative or managerial level post may offer you a salary package starts from 80,000 to 800,000 in Pakistan. Other posts and fields with different position, the salary may vary from field to field. This one of the highest paying jobs, but there is limiting material science engineers in Pakistan. I must recommend you f you have interest in this field must try to select the demanding profession as your career.

Material Science and Engineering in Pakistan Major Subjects:

Following are the subjects of Material Science and Technology offering by the universities in Pakistan.

  • Introduction to Material Science and Engineering
  • Calculus
  • Introduction to IT
  • Applied Physics
  • Extraction of Materials
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Material Thermodynamics
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Metals and Alloys
  • Probability Methods in Engineering
  • Ceramics and Glasses
  • Polymers
  • Composite Materials
  • Surface Engineering
  • Material Characterization Techniques
  • Welding and Joining Processes
  • Computational Tools in Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Corrosion and Material Protection
  • Heat Treatment and Phase Transformation
  • Crystal Structure and Analysis

Universities offering Material Science and Engineering:

There are so many excellent universities in Pakistan which are offering Material Science and Engineering at Bachelors and Master level. Some of them are listing below;

  1. Institute of Space Technology
  2. University of Management and Technology

Hence these are all the details about Material science and engineering in Pakistan scope, salary, universities offering BSc material science and engineering in Pakistan MSc. Hope you are all now well aware with its details and ready to take admission details. In case of any further details you can send your FAQs in the following comment box.

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