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Optometry Scope In Pakistan

BSc optometry in Pakistan is an eye healthcare degree course refers to the study of measuring eyesight, detecting eye or visual diseases, treating eye injuries and prescribing corrective lenses. The optometry scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day in Pakistan. OD the Doctor of Optometry is one of the best fields in order to build a bright future if you desire to become a doctor. There is a number of college and universities in Pakistan which are offering optometry. If you are really interested in this field you can easily find here detail information regarding scope and salary of optometry, job opportunities and the job sectors where optimists get employ, the major subjects of optometry and the list of universities in which optometry is offering at bachelors and masters level. Below mentioned information will surely help you in this regard.

Optometry Scope In Pakistan

After intermediate or equivalence from a registered board you can pursue your career in Optometry in Pakistan. Below discussed scope, jobs, salary, and subjects will make you more clear about this course of study. So continue reading and take admission to start your career as in eye specialist in Pakistan.

Optometry Scope In Pakistan Salary, Jobs, Subjects, Universities

Optometry Scope In Pakistan:

There is a huge scope in the field of optometry in Pakistan. The Optometry degree holder other than Doctor of Optometry is earning lacks in the year.  This is one of the best highest paying job or profession in Pakistan. A huge number of the ratio is suffering from eyesight issue, visual problems, and infections. You can easily open your own private clinic after OD Doctor of Optometry. An optimist and the OD is earning very high in Pakistan in both public and private sectors. Further, you can make a better estimate of the optometry scope in Pakistan with its salary and jobs opportunities.

Optometry Salary In Pakistan:

The starting salary of an optimist is from Rs. 50,000 and the figure could touch Rs. 200, 000/- per month as per the time and service in this field. As much as your experience will be increased your income will be increased correspondingly. You are also informed that the optometry salary in Pakistan is relevantly higher than to its studies plan because the study plan is not as tough as its salary is good. So I personally suggest to all of you that it will be a good option for you to do the BSc optometry in Pakistan.

Optometry Jobs In Pakistan:

Any optometry degree holder can easily get employed in both the public and private sectors. There are so many optometry jobs in Pakistan are prevailing in the field of optometry. A BSc optometry in Pakistan degree holder can easily employ in following job sectors.

  • Public and Private Hospital
  • Private Clinic
  • Research Departments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Forensic Labs
  • Bio-Medical Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Research Journals etc

Optometry Subjects In Pakistan:

During the study of optometry degree, one will study the following major subjects in whole semesters. It is four years honors degree program which containing eight semesters at bachelors level. These are only the major optometry subjects in Pakistan are given below which you can obtain for the assistance of your educational career.

  1. Perspectives from Vision Sciences
  2. Visual Optics
  3. Organization and function of Visual System
  4. Introduction to Ocular Diseases
  5. Clinical Optometry
  6. Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Contact Lenses
  8. Interior Eye Therapeutics
  9. Posterior Eye Therapeutics
  10. Development and Aging of Visual System
  11. Geometrical and Physical Optics

Universities Offering Optometry In Pakistan:

There is a huge number of medical colleges and universities offering optometry Pakistan. But few of them are offering Optometry. The names of these universities are listed below;

  1. King Edward Medical University
  2. The University of the Punjab
  3. Superior University
  4. University of Faisalabad
  5. University of Lahore
  6. Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences
  7. Bashir Para Medical Institute
  8. Rawalpindi Medical College
  9. FMH College of Medical and Dentistry
  10. Rashid Latif Medical College

Hence these are all the details about optometry scope in Pakistan salary, jobs, subjects, universities offering BSc optometry degree in Pakistan. We are hoping that you are well aware of the scope of optometry in Pakistan. In case of any further query or comment, you can use in the following box. This is the degree to become an eye doctor and it will be the perfect choice for the boys and girls in Pakistan because the doctor of optometry is a reasonable and respectable profession to gain a superior rank in the society as a doctor.


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