Petroleum Engineering Courses, Subjects, Jobs, Admission Requirement in Pakistan

For the information, Petroleum Engineering is the sub division or you can say the sub field of Mining engineering department. This field has its massive importance in the petroleum sector of Pakistan. A Petroleum Engineer applied its scientific as well as mathematic principles in this field. They usually develop the principles of the catalytic cracking. First they break down all of the complex kind of organic molecules into simpler looking substances. It is this Petroleum Engineer who is involved with the production and management of hydrocarbons, neural gas as well as crude oil.

Check out the course details, admission requirements, scope and career as well as job options of this field:

Petroleum Engineering Courses, Subjects, Jobs, Admission Requirement in Pakistan

Petroleum Engineering Courses, Subjects in Pakistan

In this Petroleum Engineering field, you will studying subjects:

  • Production engineering and reservoir engineering.
  • Frilling engineering and oil recovery testing.
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering
  • Applied physics and applied mathematics.
  • Engineering drawings and graphics.
  • Fluid mechanics, introduction to electrical engineering.
  • Applied thermodynamics and applied statistics.
  • Mechanics of materials and also petroleum geology.
  • Geophysical exploration, petrophysics.
  • Properties of reservoir fluid subjects, well logging,
  • Natural gas engineering, petroleum production engineering.
  • Instrumentation and process control.
  • Principles and rules of enhanced oil recovery, petroleum refinery engineering

Through this Petroleum Engineering course, you get a chance to learn more about other of the disciplines. You learn and study courses like Well logging, petroleum geology. Economics are drilling are too teach you. This subject let you to learn the concepts of artificial kine of lift systems as well.

Petroleum Engineering Scope and Career In Pakistan

If students will be getting their degree in this field then they can have their career in the following fields:

  • Be a part of sector of minings.
  • Have your career lines in the fields of metallurgy. They can also become mechanical engineers.
  • Reservoir Engineering- Through this field, you can have massive scope in Reservoir engineering. In this field, you learn to well optimize an stabilize the production of oil and also gas.
  • Drilling engineering- this field also hire maximum of the Petroleum Engineers. The main task of drilling engineers is to produce and inject maximum number of wells.
  • Production engineering- If you will study Petroleum Engineering then you can be employed as production engineers. Posts like sub surface engineers are also opened for you.

Petroleum Engineering Jobs In Pakistan

If you have a degree in Petroleum Engineering then get jobs in these kinds of companies:

  • BHP Billion Pakistan Limited and Eni Pakistani limited
  • SUI Gas company limited, Orient petroleum corporation
  • MOL Pakistan limited, Mari gas company Limited
  • Pakistan oil limited.
  • You can also hired as a lecturer. You can act as a consultant too.

When it comes to the jobs of Petroleum Engineering then it is a fact that it is one of the massively paid engineering fields we have. It is at the 24th spot when we talk about the best paying jobs in the world, this rating is given by FORBES.

Petroleum Engineering Admission Requirement

To be enrolled in the department of Petroleum Engineering, you should have a degree of F.SC pre engineering. If it is a graduate program then you have to pass UET entry test. Your score has to be a highest one to be the part of Petroleum Engineering field. If its a Master degree program then you should have a Bachelors degree in this program.

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Stay tuned with us, we will let you know more about other Petroleum Engineering Courses, Subjects, Jobs, Admission Requirement in Pakistan. Almost all of fields of engineering have massive scope. You get entered into any field, it has its own significance. It is an interesting field, you should be studying it.

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