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Polymer Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Career, Scope

Polymer engineering is a special field of engineering that concerned with the design and production, analyses and manufacturing of polymer material such as the products designed by shellac, amber and rubber. There are two types of polymer materials that is natural polymer like wool, silk and rubber while the others are man making polymers like paper, cellulose and fiber, plastic goods etc. So if you are interested to be a polymer engineer and you think that you have an ability to produce and to manufacture things with polymer then here this article is written all about Polymer Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Career, Scope and jobs. Polymer products are correlating in every field of life such as the DNA and proteins that are fundamental to biological science and disciplines are inventions of polymer engineering, moreover in wooden lines the latest use of fiber carvings is a fundamental of polymer engineering. So polymer engineering is entered in every field of engineering so one can rely on this field of engineering to find a healthy, successful and sure career. Keep on reading this article to get further details about Polymer engineering in Pakistan according to books and university’s reviews.

Polymer Engineering In Pakistan

Polymer Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Career, Scope

Degree Programs for Polymer Engineering

  • BSc Polymer Engineering
  • MSc Polymer & Processing Engineering
  • D Polymer & Processing Engineering

Polymer Engineering Admissions Requirements

One can take admission with Polymer engineering at least at bachelor’s level that is Bsc polymer engineering and the eligibility criteria for polymer engineering for BSc is…

  • FSc (Pre engineering)
  • DAE
  • A- Levels (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Polymer Engineering

  • One who have done BSc polymer engineering is eligible to take admission in MSc polymer engineering.
  • Those who done BSc in any other field of engineering can apply for this program.

Polymer Engineering Courses

  • Process Equipment Design and Simulation
  • Process Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Development and Complete Characterization
  • Thermoplastics and Thermosets Compounds
  • Elastomeric Materials
  • Polymeric Composites
  • Advanced Multifunctional Polymers
  • Training Workshops, Seminars and Courses at various levels for industrial
  • Industrial Training and Internships
  • Funded Industrial Research

Polymer Engineering Career/ Jobs

Polymer is one of the most rapidly increasing sector of engineering in different manufacturing industries such as in electrical, mechanical and medical because of its unique physical properties and ability to modify the existing materials. One who has done BSc polymer engineering can get the following jobs in different engineering industries

  • Facilities manager
  • Production manager
  • Quality controller specialist
  • Development technologist
  • Product development management mold and die development specialist
  • Sales and service representative engineer

Scope of Polymer Engineering In Pakistan

As I have wrote in the above passage that the polymer engineering is a merged field with every field of engineering and there are numerous jobs for a polymer engineering. So you can imagine that how the scope for a polymer engineer would be higher than any other filed. One can earn a good salary starting from 35, 000 to 40, 000 in Pakistan for a polymer engineering that will be improved with the time and experience. Moreover there are various job opportunities are there for a polymer engineer in all the manufacturing and producing engineering industries. So if you are going to do polymer engineering in Pakistan, I appreciate you for this career build program in Pakistan.

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