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Sanitary Inspector Course In Pakistan, Scope, Salary, Duties

Sanitary Inspector is also called the Public Health Officer or Environmental Health Officer. It refers to the study of techniques, methods, and precautions which help in protecting and enforcing legislation related to environmental health. The sanitary inspectors are mainly responsible for following activities and duties that are inspecting food, health diseases control, and investigating public health nuisances etc. there is huge and demanding scope in Pakistan in the field of public health administration. Sanitary Inspector job is also mentioned in the highest paying job or profession in Pakistan. This is one of the best and leading fields in Pakistan. If you really want to know about the proper detail information regarding sanitary inspector in Pakistan, here you can find easily about Scope of sanitary inspection career and job opportunities for sanitary inspection, duties of the sanitary inspector and the list of departments which are offering Sanitary Inspector Course in Pakistan.

Sanitary Inspector Course In Pakistan, Scope, Salary, Duties

Sanitary Inspector Course In Pakistan, Scope, Salary, Duties

Sanitary Inspector Salary In Pakistan:

Undoubtedly there is a huge scope of sanitary inspector in Pakistan. To work as a health inspector and the sanitary inspector is fall into the huge career with excellent bright future. it is one of the highest paying job in Pakistan. The Sanitary Inspector Officer is earning 60,000 to 20,000 monthly in Pakistan. A sanitary or health inspector officer can easily get employed in the below listed job areas and fields easily with handsome salary package.

  • District Councils
  • Health Sanitation Departments
  • Municipal bodies
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Five Star Hotels
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Research Departments
  • Consultant I Local and International Governments
  • Safety Management
  • Healthcare industries
  • Health Department Planners etc

Sanitary Inspector Duties In Pakistan:

There are following main responsibilities and duties of sanitary inspector

  • Prepares inspection reports and maintain inspection records
  • Evaluated data pertaining to the inspection and marinating correspondence to the organization
  • Takes serious precautions and measure to protect public health issues
  • Inspect and control vector diseases
  • Inspect and minimize the health and safety hazards
  • Identify deficiencies and violations
  • Authorize issuance of license and permits for food establishments
  • Conduct follow up re-inspections
  • Observe and control general conditions
  • Review all plans submitted by Economics Development Authorities.
  • Collecting samples of water from Greenhorn’s well.

The sanitary inspector has command on the following listed cores.

  1. Communicable Diseases Control
  2. Elementary Entomology and Parasitology
  3. Immunity and Vaccination
  4. Vector Borne Diseases
  5. Public Health Administration
  6. Vital Statistics

Sanitary Inspector Department In Pakistan:

There are limited institutes and departments in Pakistan which are offering Sanitary Inspection courses in Pakistan. The names of these departments are listed below;

  1. Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies
  2. Pakistan Institute of Technical Skills
  3. Institute of Modern Technology
  4. Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research
  5. Punjab Medical Faculty
  6. Prime College
  7. National Skill Development Council
  8. Pakistan Institute of Medical Technologies and Science

Yet I have discussed complete details about sanitary inspector course in Pakistan, scope, salary, duties and career. If you are want to become a sanitary inspector then you should be pass through all these process and have to perform your duties with a well responsive way.

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