Scope Of Associate Degree In Education

The Associate Degree in Education is a 2 years program. The Associate Degree in Education ADE is specially designed to help and improve the teaching skills and abilities of teachers of the elementary grade in both public and private sectors. It helps to provide new and latest techniques of classroom management, evaluation, and assessment. ADE provides the new methods and techniques to polish your abilities and skills beautifully. There are so many institutes which are offering ADE in Pakistan. Here below you can find the detail information regarding the scope of Associate Degree in Education, job opportunities, career, salary, subjects or syllabus of ADE and the list of universities which are offering Associate Degree in Education in Pakistan. Keep reading this article till the end will surely help you on this regard.

Scope Of Associate Degree In Education

Scope Of Associate Degree In Education, Jobs, Salary, Syllabus, Universities

Scope Of Associate Degree In Education:

Associate Degree in Education is very necessary for those who want to enter in Education field. We can say that there is the huge scope of Associate Degree is present in Pakistan because, in almost every school, college and a university want to progress by utilizing the skills of teachers groom the students in order to reveal the hidden talents among them. By holding an Associate degree in Education you can easily get a job in any education department of Pakistan at handsome salary package. After ADE you will be able to

Associate Degree in Education Jobs in Pakistan:

There are so many jobs are available for ADE in Pakistan at so many leading and demanding posts because according to the National Education Policy it is stated that is tie necessary for a teacher holding at least bachelors degree in Pakistan in order to teach. After ADE you will be able to get a teaching and management job in schools and colleges easily with handsome salary package.

Associate Degree in Education Salary in Pakistan:

As the ADE candidate provides the services of professional development activities in the field of education the salary of the person holding ADE degree is expecting good. The fresh candidate holding ADE degree is earning Rs.25000 to 40,000 whereas the experienced candidates are earning more than Rs. 50,000 per month in Pakistan.

Associate Degree in Education Syllabus:

Following are the core subjects of Associate Degree in Education offered by most of the universities in Pakistan.

  1. English
  2. Foundations of Education
  3. Development of Education in Pakistan
  4. Mathematics
  5. Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices
  6. Human Development and Learning
  7. Teaching Literary Skills
  8. Art, Craft, and Calligraphy
  9. Teaching of Regional Languages
  10. Teaching of General Science
  11. Instructional and Communication Technology ICT in Education
  12. Classroom Assessments
  13. Teaching of Social Studies
  14. School, Community, and Teacher etc.

Universities Offering ADE in Pakistan:

There is a number of leading universities in Pakistan but there are limited institutes which are offering Associate Degree in Education ADE. The names of some of the universities are listed below;

  1. The University of Punjab
  2. Education University
  3. Government College University (Lahore)
  4. GCU Faisalabad
  5. National University of Modern Languages
  6. Virtual University of Pakistan
  7. Ali Institute of Education
  8. Greenwich University
  9. Allama Iqbal Open University 

This is complete details about the scope of associate degree in education, jobs, salary, syllabus, universities offering an associate degree in education in Pakistan. Hope you are all now well aware about the details of this course in Pakistan. For sharing your comments you can visit the comments box below to this page…

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