Scope Of BA English Literature In Pakistan

English Literature refers to the study of literature written in English. English is recognized as a universal language. It dates back more than 5 centuries. The study of language is becoming necessary to learn and master. BS in English Literature is Four-year Bachelors Program. This program gives you a wide and huge range of English studies. This discipline is offering most of the universities and college in Pakistan. Here below you can easily find the best detail information regarding the scope of BA English Literature in Pakistan, job opportunities and salary, major subjects and the list of universities which are offering BS in English Literature in Pakistan. Keep reading this article till the end will surely help you in this regard.

Scope Of BA English Literature In Pakistan

Scope Of BA English Literature In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Universities

The Scope of BA English Literature In Pakistan:

BS in English Literature has wide scope and demand in the present age. There are so many public and private sectors, in which BS English Literature candidates are required throughout the year. You can build a successful career in this field. This is also considered one of the highest paying professions in Pakistan but most of the countries of the world. A BS English Literature Degree holder can easily get employment in any of the below-listed fields with handsome salary package. Further, you can find your scope of BA English literature in Pakistan in the following departments.

  • Embassies
  • Colleges/universities
  • Software Houses
  • Civil Services
  • Press
  • Librarian
  • Media etc

Jobs After English Literature:

This is the first and the foremost point of discussion about any field of studies. Students want to check about the jobs after English literature in Pakistan. In this respect, we are telling you that your career is bright in this profession especially if you are a girl. It is because the degree of English literature diverts the students towards teaching field and of course we have a lot of well skilled and qualified professors in this toughest faculty of education. But if you don’t want to be a teacher then in the following you are getting better options of jobs after English literature degree.

  • Teaching jobs
  • Media Jobs
  • Free Lancing
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Press Jobs
  • Public and Private Libraries etc

BA English Literature Salary In Pakistan:

The degree of English Literature opens so many doors of employment for you in both public and private sector of Pakistan at handsome salary package. English Literature in the present age holds a special and specific pace. According to an estimate, the starting salary of BA English Literature starts from Rs. 40,000/- (plus) and the amount can touch the figure of  Rs. 150,000/- (plus) PKR per month in Pakistan.

BA English Literature Subjects In Pakistan:

Following are the important subject studied in BS English Literature offered by most of the universities in Pakistan.

  1. Introduction to Linguistics
  2. Introduction to Literature
  3. Psychology
  4. Applied Translation Studies
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Introduction to computers
  7. Introduction to Phonetics and English Phonology
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Advanced Academic Writing and Reading
  10. Literary Criticism
  11. Novel 18th to 19th Century
  12. Poetry 18th to 19th Century
  13. Literary Moments
  14. Pakistani Literature in English
  15. Semantics and Lexical Studies
  16. Sociolinguistics
  17. Psycholinguistics
  18. American Literature
  19. Feminist Linguistics
  20. 20th Century Literature

Universities Offering BA English Literature in Pakistan:

There are a number of excellent universities in Pakistan which are offering BS in English Literature, the names of some of them are listed below in detail.

  1. Government College University (Faisalabad)
  2. Lahore College for Women University (Lahore)
  3. University of Management and Technology (Lahore)
  4. Lahore College for Women University (Jhang)
  5. Government College University (Lahore)
  6. The University of Punjab (Lahore)
  7. Edison College (Faisalabad)
  8. University of Management and Technology (Sialkot)
  9. British University college (Multan)
  10. The University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (Lasbela)

These are all the details about the scope of BA English literature in Pakistan, jobs, salary, universities offering English literature subjects and all career options have discussed here. for getting any further query or inquiry relating to this course you can send your comment in the following comments section.

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