Telecommunication Engineering In Pakistan, Subjects, Careers, Scope, Jobs

In this modern era of technology the telecommunication engineering in Pakistan is getting advanced day by day and the latest revolutions are coming in front of the row. Telecommunication means the way of communication through wire or wireless (wifi technology), telegraph or broadcasting to generate a contact among two persons sitting far from each other. This is an engineering field which is incorporated with electrical engineering and computer science to develop and design the network system and communique circuit to strategic mass developments. This field deals with the assembling, designing and installation of telecommunication equipments such as complex electronic switching system, copper telephone wire network, fiber optics and wireless Wifi system. A telecom engineer gains the knowledge about computer software and hardware as well as technical wiring and installation of telecommunication equipment. Moreover he/ she are also responsible to invent the new technology and devices that can create an ease for the common user. Well Pakistan is also making a superior place in this field and one who is thinking to take admission in BS telecommunication engineering in Pakistan is on the right way of success. Keep on reading this post to get further details about telecommunication engineering subjects, career, scope and jobs in Pakistan.

Telecommunication Engineering In Pakistan

Telecommunication Engineering In Pakistan, Subjects, Careers, Scope, Jobs

Degree Programs

Telecommunication engineering is a four years bachelor of honors degree program which is completed in 8 semesters. After completing graduation student can also take admission in masters program. The degrees are as follows

  • BSs telecommunication engineering (4 years program/ 8 semesters)
  • MSc Telecommunication Engineering (2 years program/ Specialization)

Telecom Engineering Admission Eligibility Criteria

For taking admission in BS telecoms engineering you have to done your intermediate FSc (pre engineering) with minimum of 60% marks, A-levels with the majors of Mathematics, Physics with minimum A-grade. You can also apply if you have done Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in Electrical Engineering or Telecom Engineering and have obtained minimum 55% marks.

For taking admission in masters of telecom engineering you have to obtain minimum 2.5 CGPA for being an eligible but it depends upon the university’s last merit of current year. or it also depends upon the rank of university such as if you want to take admission in UET then you have to obtain minimum of 3.5 CGPA in BS telecom engineering otherwise you can choose a moderate option that is FAST university etc.

Major Subjects

The major subjects of telecommunication engineering in Pakistan are as below which one has to study in 8 equal stems or semesters and the subjects are…

  1. Introduction to Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Calculus
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Yog and Meditation
  6. Signals and Systems
  7. Devices and Circuits
  8. Electromagnetic Engineering
  9. Digital Communication
  10. Fiber Optic Communication
  11. Antenna and Wave Propagation
  12. Satellite Communication
  13. Microwave Engineering
  14. Wireless Communications
  15. Broadband Network Engineering

Well these are just major fields of studies which you will study in different semesters. While the complete book let for subjects in each semesters of Telecommunication engineering, will be given to you when you are going to take admission in engineering universities in Pakistan.

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Career After Telecommunication Engineering

There are lots of career built options for a telecom engineer and the telecommunication engineering jobs in Pakistan are very competitive due to the exceeded needs and lake of skill full persons. But if you have good skills and your marks are good with a well demanding degree then various national and multinational companies welcome you to hold their system and you can obtain the following jobs in telecom engineering.

  • Telecom Equipment Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Central-Office Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance (RCL) Designer
  • Out Side Plant Engineer

Beside the above posts there are lots of positions which one can hold after completing his/ her degree, such as structural engineer, OSP engineering and Computer Aided Design (CAD) operator. In short you are informed that there are lots of career options after telecom engineering in Pakistan.

Scope of Telecom Engineering in Pakistan

Hopefully you have gained a better idea about the scope of a telecommunication engineer in Pakistan. Yes of course! There are lots of job options and career build opportunities in this field of engineering. Because this field is the need and deed of current and upcoming times so if you done your educations with this field of engineering then your future will be successive and your post and value will be higher.

Hence I have discussed brief introduction about telecommunication engineering in Pakistan, subjects, jobs, career, scope and salary. I am hoping that you are all now well aware and acquainted with this field of studies but if still you have any query or question about this post you can send your comment to me in the following comments section.

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