Current Affairs of Pakistan October 2015

Current Affairs of Pakistan October 2015 is discussed below as environment, political condition, security issues and the economic developments are going in a positive way. The government is trying to its best to achieve the best possible development for the betterment of the economy. Furthermore, the previous month of October,2015 was quite progressive in terms of foreign relations.

21st October 2015: Prime Minister’s Visit to USA

Factually speaking, in the month of October the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had a progressive visit to United States of America. Where he had meeting with the President of the United States Barak Obama. These meetings are considered as very important in terms of the foreign policy and relations between the two countries. They exchanged the information about the security issues, Pakistan India Kashmir issue and the internal security issues of Pakistan. Similarly, the Barak Obama government showed it’s concerned to invest in different developments projects through the IMF and World Bank.

21st October 2015 Prime Minister’s Visit to USA

11th October, 2015 : By-elections NA-122

Politically speaking, the date of NA-122 by elections was announced as11th October, 2015. It was considered a major by-election in the political history of Pakistan. As two parties are considered as major one was Muslim League-N candidate Ex-Speaker National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq and second was the member of second biggest party of Pakistan, PTI Aleem Khan. The competition was quite good but the victory goes in the hands of Ayaz Sadiq PML-N. Although he is not in the list of Current Affairs of Pakistan but he has done a great job in the betterment of Pakistan.

11th October, 2015 By Elections NA-122

30th October 2015: First Phase of Local Body Elections

In addition to this, the October, 2015 has gone but it leaves a devastating effect on the history. The Government of Pakistan announced the Local body Election in two major Provinces, Punjab and Sind in three different segments. The first phase was held on 30th October, 2015 in 12 districts of Punjab and 8 districts of Sindh. The results were quite good for the both provincial ruling parties. In Punjab the Ruling party Muslim league-N and in Sindh PPP secured the positions to form their governments.

31st October, 2015 First Phase of Local Body Elections

At the end of Current Affairs of Pakistan October 2015, every problem has a solution. Pakistan is facing too many problems but the government and the people of Pakistan are trying their best to tackle these problems with the possible alternatives.

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