PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

Do you really know that Pakistan Engineering Council PEC do have PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan? If you do not then do read this page as this will increase your knowledge. All the Universities in Pakistan that are offering BSc Engineering in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgical, Mining, Marine, naval Architecture, Architecture have must got a reorganization from the PEC because if any of the university is not recognized then its degree will not be accepted by any of the organization. That is why PEC advertise many time to aware all the students that do check that the university you are going to take admission is recognized from the Pakistan Engineering Council PEC or not. As all universities are recognized from the PEC to offer the Engineering programs there are many international Universities too that are also recognized by PEC so that means if you get any Engineering degree from that universities then your degree is attested from the PEC and you will be able to do job on behalf of that degree in Pakistan. Down here on this page we have prepared a full list of all PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan  so that you can have a look on it easily.

PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan

These are the all Educational Institute that are PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan so if you are doing any engineering program from that Universities then yo need not to worry to come back to Pakistan and how your degree would be able to allow you to do work in any organization in Pakistan. All of the Engineering program of these universities are also not recognized as only few programs are recognized in a specific University.

The Complete List of PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan is also available on the Punjab Engineering council official website too so if you want to confirm the list from the official website then you can also do by going to the website. well this is all about the PEC Recognized Universities Outside Pakistan and if you wan to know anything more about this topics from our team then you can write your query in the comment section below to get answered by an expert.

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  1. Sir north university of china is approved or recognised or not… If not then what we have to do attested through pec

  2. Sir is jiangxi normal university of china engineering degree is approved by pec…plz give answer as soon as possible

  3. Sir north china university is Approved by PEC …YES OR NOT
    SIR KINDLY as soon as possible
    Thank u

  4. I want to know that, Are Yangtze and Henan Universities Of China Approved By PEC) Pakistan Engineering Council??
    Plz Reply This Question As Soon AS Possible

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