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Cadet College Hasan Abdal Entry Test Syllabus Sample Papers

If you are searching for Cadet College Hasan Abdal entry test syllabus and sample papers then you are informed that there is no any prescribed books for preparing this test by the officials. Student can prepare this test form any book according to the three sections of this test including mathematics/ intelligence, English/ General Awareness and Urdu/ Islamiat. The reason is that every year the paper pattern changed probably in order to discourage cramming and appreciate originality and understanding. But above all the administrators of cadet college Hasan Abdal providing syllabus for these three papers and you are all informed that you can prepare this test according to this syllabus because the questions and the marks of each question will be as per the given criteria in this syllabus. So here before you turn towards the syllabus and sample papers I would like to make you familiar with the importance of this test for taking admission in this military college. Well students you are informed that if either you are eligible by your previous qualifications, age but you do not successive in this test you are rejected to entertain by the admission in Cadet College. So keep this in mind and prepare your cadet college Hassan Abdal entry test 2016.

Cadet College Hasan Abdal Entry Test Syllabus Sample Papers

Cadet College Hasan Abdal Entry Test Syllabus Sample Papers

Syllabus of Cadet College contains the guidance about the marks, material and concept of learning and preparing the test according to what is going to be intake your test. So there are three papers each of 100 marks and each is divided into 2 sections carry 80 marks for section I and 20 marks for section II. There is 1 ½ hours is allowed to attempt one paper and then even a single second is not allowed to be take answer sheet in hands.

  1. Math/ Intelligence

This paper contains on 2 sections one is of mathematics contains 80 marks in which you have to attempt the questions about Arithmetic, sets, algebra, geometric properties and you have to solve all questions without using calculator.

Second section is of Intelligence test in which your IQ level according to your age will be determined and this section contains 20 marks

  1. English/ General Awareness

This paper is also consists of 2 sections that is section 1 is on English contains 80 marks in which you have to solve composition, comprehension and translation and questions about applied grammar

Section 2 is about General Awareness type question contains 20 marks

  1. Urdu/ Islamiat

Paper three contains on 2 sections 1 is of Urdu type questions and the section 2 is about Islamic questions that are been studied in your previous class in your islamiat and urdu books. Islamiat contain on 20 marks and urdu essay, quots and poetry explanations contains on 80 marks.

This is syllabus for Cadet College Hasan Abdal Entry Test for admission to eight class or O levels. And now the thing is the sample paper for this test and it is written above that there is no any book or material that is provided you by the administrators as a sample for preparing the entry test for cadet college entry test but here we recommend you to prepare this test from your school books for maths, English, and islamiat test because the questions in your test are easy type short questions and each have equal marks according totals the section marks either for 80 and 20 marks as set up for each section.

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