Bachelors of Home Economics Degree In Pakistan

Bachelors of home economics degree in Pakistan is a four years undergraduate honors program. The scope of home economics in Pakistan is set for the schooling of household management, cooking and other aspects relating to food and nutrition, clothing, house interiors, and of course the family and consumer behavior. In Pakistan, this degree program is considered as the study plan for females and mostly females took admission in this program. But not a days the boys are also showing their interest in cooking and hospitality management. Most students do this degree for joining the profession of teaching, to go into the cooking and culinary profession. As well as the rising demand of male cooks in Pakistan is also leading students towards the home economics degree for a male in Pakistan. If you are also having the interest to join this field of study and want yourself to establish in this profession then you must read out this entire article where you will get the details about the scope of home economics in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, of course, the universities and colleges offering inter, graduation, or masters admission in home economics in Pakistani universities.

Home Economics In Pakistan

Now in the following details starting for the scope, jobs opportunities, salary, subjects, and universities offering BSc home economics in Pakistan. You will also get the details about its more details about which you are requiring to know before making the final decision to start your career in this degree program.

Scope Of Home Economics In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

The Scope of Home Economics In Pakistan:

The scope of any course of study is estimated with the number of job opportunities after it, while the amount of salary income also matters a lot. The rising demand of any profession increases the scope of a discipline. And when we are talking about the home economics, then you can estimate as the demand of cooks in restaurants, the profession of hospitality management, and the tourism is a newly rising profession in the market and the persons who are involved in this profession. Moreover, if we talking about separately for female and male, then it is more scope full field for females then to males and we suggest to all of you that you must adopt this profession. It will lead you towards success and here you can find more details about this course of study.

Home Economics Jobs In Pakistan:

After doing BSc home economics degree in Pakistan, we are having the following job opportunities on which one can apply afterward.

  • Teaching as home economics Lecturer
  • Cook On A TV Channel
  • Hospitality Management Jobs
  • Culinary Arts Management
  • House Hold Accommodates Management
  • Restaurant Interior and Food Management

Salary After Home Economics In Pakistan:

We always use to talk about the starting salary for fresher who are recently completed their degree. Salary matters the most in the calculation of scope of home economics in Pakistan. So the starting salary of home economics in Pakistan starts with Rs. 25, 000 to Rs. 30, 000/- While the starting salary also depends upon the worth of the company, your working experience and of course the position on which you are performing your services.

Home Economics Subjects In Pakistan:

Different universities offer a different course of studies in this faculty. This four years of honors degree program has the following major subjects which all the students have to study during the whole course of study. So the following subjects of home economics in Pakistan are as below.

  • Introduction to Home Economics
  • Fundamentals of Food & Nutrition
  • Clothing & Textiles
  • Home Gardening
  • Culinary Arts
  • Psychology of Child & Adolescent
  • Meal Management Practices
  • Interior design management
  • Family Economics & Residence Management
  • Child Development & Family Relations
  • Health & Sanitation

Home Economics Admission Requirements in Pakistan:

The following eligibility criteria are necessary for each student to meet for taking admission in home economics in Pakistan.

  • Intermediate or equivalence
  • Minimum 45% marks are required
  • Foreigner students will bring the NOC by IBCC Islamabad
  • Admission is made on a merit basis

Universities Offering Home Economics in Pakistan:

The following universities are offering BSc home economics in Pakistan and here you can apply after if you are meeting the above-written eligibility criteria for this intake.

  • The University of Punjab
  • The University of Education
  • Riphah International University
  • University of Karachi
  • SZABIST University
  • Peshawar University
  • BZU Multan
  • Government College University Lahore and FSD Campus
  • Mirpur University of Science and Technology
  • Government College of Home Economics Lahore and FSD Campus
  • Federal Government College of Home Economics and Management Sciences
  • University of Swat
  • Govt Degree College For Women

Hence the complete detail about the scope of home economics in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, and universities offering BSc home economics degree in Pakistan. Reading this post is providing you maximum assistance regarding this course of study and I am hoping that you are all now well aware of taking admission in this course. You can also send your comments in the following commenting section relating to this post and we will reply you back if you want any about it.

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