How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force In Pakistan

Worldwide corona discussion is a popular topic. Corona issue is increasing day by day in worldwide. According to the latest report, thousands of people died due to corona infection. Here we want to mention still single one country is not diagnosed with corona infection treatment. If we want to see the corona issue in Pakistan’s latest status, then we can see corona infection is still under control as compared to other countries including America, Italy, Iran, and others. According to the researcher test kit, unavailability is still the reason behind Pakistan Corona’s effective people’s correct number. When we are talking about corona issue then we want to share our today topic How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force In Pakistan. Pakistan is facing lockdown situation. According to affected countries full lockdown is one and the only solution for Corona safety. This infection is transferring human to human through touch, breath so lockdown is one and only way for protecting Pakistan people from the corona.

How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force In Pakistan

How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force In Pakistan

Lockdown disadvantage:

On this stage we want to mention Pakistan is standing developing country. This is a fact Pakistan mostly people are surviving through daily earning source. When Pakistan types of country are going long time period lockdown then poverty level are increasing day by day. PM Imran still disagrees with full lockdown but this is a fact Pakistan is facing 70% lockdown. In this bad situation, PM Imran Khan announced tiger force. This force is giving their service free of cost for Allah blessing in this crucial situation. In further details we explain each step for How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force In Pakistan.

How To Apply On PM Corona Relief Tiger Force?

  • Open your mobile Google Play store
  • Then type Pakistan Citizen Portal and installed it
  • Open this App and made login ID with Pakistan National selection and Mobile number, Name, Gender, Date of Birth, User Name, Password, Confirm password, CNIC
  • If you Citizen Portal Login is available then update it for Tiger force feature
  • Open Home page Citizen Portal and right below side red color + sign is available so select and open it you will transfer on Prime Minister COVID 19 Tiger Force register page
  • Now register yourself with personal details
  • Click green color next button and Allow your current location

Through this simple method form will submit successfully. Further information will send on your mobile number. You will watch the newspaper for further update

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