PEC Accredited Engineering Programs 2024

Check out the Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Accredited Engineering Programs 2024 before taking admission in undergraduate programs. It is an important step for a student to check out the program he/she is applying for is accredited in Pakistan or not. The Pakistan Engineering Council is the authority that accredits the degrees in Pakistan. Although, accreditation with HEC is also required for a university the next thing is whether the program that university is offering is accredited by PEC or not. This is very beneficial for students because they will no longer be manipulated by the fake institutes in Pakistan. So, here we have made a list of those programs accredited by PEC. Check out those programs and start your studies accordingly.

PEC Accredited Engineering Programs 2024

Any private or a public engineering college all over Pakistan is a must to get approved from the PEC for all of its BS engineering admissions. When a candidate passes his/her degree from a PEC affiliated University, his degree gets worth in the market as compared to a degree which is not affiliated with the PEC.

PEC Accredited Engineering Programs 2024

113 engineering universities are PEC affiliated which offers different engineering courses. In Islamabad there are 21 PEC recognized universities that offer a total of 47 programs. Same as in Punjab 44 institutes offer 130 engineering programs. In Sindh, there are 23 engineering institutes which are offering 93 engineering programs while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa there are 17 universities that offer 55 eng courses. In Balochistan, there are only 2 universities which are offering thirteen eng program and in Azad Jammu and Kashmir there is only one eng institute which offers five different engineering program.

PEC Affiliated Engineering Universities

Before taking admission in any engineering university it is advised to check that either university is accredited with PEC or not and the program where the student is going to apply is also PEC accredited or not. All those degrees which are not recognized by the PEC are useless and the person will not consider as an engineer too. Here we will provide you complete information on PEC Accredited Engineering Programs 2024 Universities List which are offering these engineering programs in Pakistan.

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