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AG Sub Lieutenant In Pakistan Navy Salary

From this page, you are taking the details for AG sub lieutenant in Pakistan Navy salary for fresh graduates in engineering branches. AG Sub Lieutenant is very initial hiring in Naval force of Pakistan. For this position, the cadet is hired after matric with science and get a two years training at Pakistan Navy Academy (PNA) and then they are hired as the Sub-Lieutenant in Navy and delivered to the under graduation engineering degree program which is done at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). After completion of this degree program, they are promoted from Sub-Lieutenant to the Captain rank and their salary is also increased. You can join any field from the; Surface Warfare, Under Water Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Communications, Navigation, and Operations. So if you will be hired then the AG Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy salary paying at the starting levels. Just keep on reading the following post for more details.

AG Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy Salary

Pakistan Navy official’s salary for AG Sub Lieutenant is set on the basic standards after matric. But when a cadet completes his basic training at PNA and midshipmen at sea, then his salary increased on the following standards.

AG Sub Lieutenant In Pakistan Navy Salary

Pakistan Navy Sub Lieutenant Salary:

Sub Lieutenant is a very initial and basic post in Navy after matric with science. The salary of Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan is paid after the basic pay-scale of it i.e. OF-1. This salary is of Rs. 16, 000 plus per month with allowances. But here you are also informed that every year the officials offered yearly increment of 35% which depends on the basic salary including the basic allowance.

Salary Allowances For AG Sub-Lieutenant in Navy:

Besides the AG Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy salary, the following allowances are also paid to a candidate at OF-1 pay-scale. The allowances for Sub-Lieutenant are…

  1. Outfit allowance
  2. Interpreter allowance Rs. 100 monthly
  3. Chitral Allowance Rs, 100 per month
  4. Hill Allowance/ Diving Allowance, House Rent, Special Education Allowance
  5. 125 to Rs 200 as daily allowance

Besides this there are also some allowances are also offered besides the AG Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy salary after completion of 6-months at midshipmen in the sea. The estimated total salary of AG Sub Lieutenant in Pakistan Navy would be Rs. 20, 000/- to Rs. 25, 000/- per month. I think these are complete details about your search but in case of any further details and query, you can use the following commenting section.

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