How To Become An Advocate In Pakistan

The time is changing very quickly by the advancement in technology and educational sector. The literacy rate of the world as well as Pakistan’s is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the people getting different type of degrees from different institutions and joining hands with government to improve the economy of the country. The Law degree in Pakistan is one of those degrees which is helping government to improve the system on merit and purity. These degrees are LLB (at bachelor’s level) and LLM (at master’s level). One who complete these degrees could attain a post as advocate after completing the duration of practice period in Lower Court as a lawyer. This field is considered as one of the basic pillars of any country. It always deals with the law and order situation prepared and managed by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) legally. It always helps the poor in getting justice from the courts with ease and provides an injustice free society. So if you also want to join this profession then once read out this article about how to become an advocate in Pakistan.

How To Become An Advocate In Pakistan

How To Become An Advocate In Pakistan

Procedure For Becoming An Advocate

  1. The first requirement to become an advocate is the basic degree that is LLB after intermediate or A-levels.

Note: – PBC has recently extended the duration of LLB from 3 years to 5 years and students having 3 years degree will re-appear in LLB 5 year’s exams in 2017 to complete their 5 year’s degree.

  1. After completion of LLB (5 years program) a candidate will be hired by the Lower Court where he/ she will be called as lawyer
  2. A lawyer has to complete a prescribed time period and court will issue a license or certificate
  3. Candidate can now apply at High Court as an advocate and after a test and examination one will be posted as a legal and licensed advocate
  4. The legal practitioners and Bar councils act 1973 and Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar councils act 1976 are the institutions for the registration of law graduates as lawyer or members of the bar council.

The Practice Duration with Lower Bar Council Is

  1. The candidate must have to compete in the written exam of the bar council.
  2. Six months of apprenticeship
  3. Viva voce examination
  4. Deposit slip of Rs300/- for examination

Above All

  1. One who passed the practice as a lawyer duration at Lower Court can now apply for LLM (Masters in Law) admission in any PBC registered institute, college or university
  2. After LLM or a prescribed service duration with Lower Court, one can get hired as advocate in high court and then the experience and good service will make him eligible for Supreme Court advocate

At the end, there is a diversification in the jurisdiction of law. One must have to be careful in choosing the specialization of the field. No one may cover all the fields of the subject. The practical field is different as well as difficult from the bookish knowledge. One must have to be aware of the strangeness of the field. Hence, the person who is determinant to his objective he may successful in achieving the goals of his life.

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