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How To Become A School Teacher In Pakistan

Teaching is considered as profession of the Prophet (PBUH); So it is one of the most prestigious professions of the world. The teacher is a person who molds the future of the country into intellectuals, thinkers, leaders and philosophers. In addition to this, Pakistan is considered as developing country and economy of the country can be developed by improving the standards of education. The literacy rate of Pakistan is not quite satisfactory but it is on the track of improvement by the efforts of Government, people, teacher and students. So if you also want to join this noble work being a teacher then keep on reading this article where you get all the procedure about how to become a school teacher in Pakistan.

The teaching community in the public schools is not high qualified due to the lack of importance and benefits those are available in other sectors like private or semi government. The government of Pakistan is now working on the criteria and infringe benefits those attracts the young, educated, capable and motivated people to the most important field of the country.

How To Become A School Teacher In Pakistan

How To Become A School Teacher In Pakistan

Degrees in Pakistan For Teachers

In Pakistan the basic degrees that are known for teachers are Bachelors of Education (B. Ed) and Masters of Education (M. Ed). Others having bachelors degrees like BSc/ BS/ BBA can also apply as per the job criteria.

there are some teaching short hand courses that can be adopt after matric and intermediate like

  • Primary Teacher Certification (PTC) (after Matric or Inter) For private teachers at Primary Level
  • 1 Year Diploma Of Montessori  (after Intermediate) To teach Montessori Classes Only
  • Certificate of Teaching (1 Year) after Intermediate and Bachelors to teach at Middle Level Classes
  • Arabic Teachers Training Course (ATTC) 1 Year diploma for Hafiz-e-Quran Matric or Inter pass candidates
  • Associate Degree in Education (ADE) 2 years program after Graduation

Teachers Jobs In Educators Department

In educators department teachers jobs, minimum bachelors pass students can apply for the following posts

  • Elementary Schools Educators (ESE)
  • Senior Elementary Schools Educators (SESE)
  • Secondary Schools Educators (SSE)


The requirement criteria for the post of teaching vary from class to class. Such as a teacher for middle level is lower in expertise as compare to a primary teacher and similarly a primary teacher has lower expertise then a teacher at secondary level (Matric).

The eligibility criteria for public or government schools is decided by the ministry of education, Government of Pakistan Education Department for all provinces. Applications are invited through advertisements in different news papers.

The eligibility criteria for private schools is decided by each school head master and that depends upon the rank of that school or class for which a teacher has to be appointed

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • The education required for the post of teacher is M.Ed. or B.Ed. But at the school level teachers, one having a bachelors degree can also apply like B.A./ BSc/ or BS
  • The candidate must have the domicile of the district in which he is going to apply. The vacant posts are fulfilled by the candidates those having the domicile of that district.
  • The age limit is fixed for both males and females: Male maximum 35 years / Female’s maximum 38 years
  • The candidates having specialization in any subjects those are available for the posts are considered for the specialized post.

How To Apply

For government schools educators jobs, the advertisement is published through advertisement or it is also uploaded at National Testing Service (NTS) website. generally the adds for teachers jobs are uploaded in the month of January and February. So one who is eligible have to download the NTS application form and test fee challan form and perform  the following procedure…

  • Test fees submitted according to the advertisement in only mentioned Banks.
  • The test should be conducted in Tehsil and District headquarters.
  • The minimum passing criteria for the test is 50%
  • The final selection should be announced after the detailed scrutiny of the candidates by the DCO.
  • The recruitment those are based on the contract are considered as without pension.
  • The candidates those are finalized are posted in their districts of domicile according to the availability of posts.

For applying at Private schools one has to submit his or her CV personally at school head office and have to pass through the interview session and that’s it. Some well ranked and renowned private schools also hire teachers by publishing their adds in the news papers.

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At the end, the government is taking initiatives for the improvement of the education sector and it is the responsibility of the people to join hands with government. By maintaining and developing the standards of education the country should improve its economy. This is all about how to become a school teacher in Pakistan. In case of getting any further information relating to this topic, please send us your query via comment box below.


  1. Hello this is ayaz and I am 22 years old, living in Karachi and I have done intermediate(pre eng) from a government college and now I am doing b tech in civil engineering from the ndus university as well as I am doing teaching in a private sector or school in mathematics of class 10th so now I want to become as a government teacher in primary or secondary level.
    So can I eligible to having teaching in any government sector in Karachi? Plz inform.

  2. A.A with respact i want to know about Primery school to becom a primery school teacher in primery school.And what is the requirments and qualification.

  3. I finished my master In electronics in 2008 and I don’t have any ct and ptc certificate can i apply for primary or ct teacher

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