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Major Rivers And Dams, Barrages In Pakistan

Here I have in listed the major rivers and dams, barrages in Pakistan along with their address, duration of establishment and all details relating to this energy source of Pakistan. Pakistan is the 6th largest population country of the world. To meet the basic requirements of the public Pakistan needs a lot of resources. These resources are in the form of water, energy employment etc. Alongside this, the major contributor in the economy of Pakistan is agriculture and requires major part of the water resources. As a matter of fact the agriculture sector is considered as the backbone of Pakistan. To meet the requirements of agriculture sector and other matters, Pakistan needs to maintain a balance of Rivers, Dams and barrages. It is said fact that all the above mentioned facts contributes in the economy of the country. The one of the most and major effects of rivers and dam is the production of electricity which is the most weak point of Pakistan these days and many of our mills and industries are shed down due to the production of electricity and water plays a vital role in the production of electricity. So lets see the system of rivers, dams and barrages of Pakistan.

Major Rivers And Dams, Barrages In Pakistan

Major Rivers And Dams, Barrages In Pakistan

Major Rivers of Pakistan

Chenab River

It is considered as one of the major river of the country. It flows from the Himalayas through the Jammu and Kashmir then to the plains of the Punjab Pakistan. The Chenab river is almost 960 km long.


The Ravi River is also called as the Lahore River because the city of Lahore is located on the eastern bank of the Ravi. It is also originated from the Himalayas and flowing from south-west Indian region enters in the soils of Pakistan and joins the waters of Chenab River. The length of the Ravi River is almost 720 km.


It is located in the south of the Hindu Kush segment of the Himalayas and east of the central Suleiman range in Pakistan. It is part of the Indus Basin Treaty of 1960 and a it is 550 km long.


River Jhelum is almost 774 km long and it is the tributary of the river Chenab. It originates from the Kashmir valley, flows through Srinagar and enters in the soils of Pakistan.


It is the longest river of the region and has almost the length of 3180 km. it is also worlds 21 longest river. It is considered as one of the most important river of Pakistan. It is originates in Tibetan Plateau, flows through Jammu & Kashmir and enters in the Soils of Pakistan.

Major Dams of Pakistan

Since the inception of Pakistan almost 150 small and large dams and reservoirs are constructed in Pakistan. Most of the dams are constructed in Pakistan during 1960 to 1975. The major dams of the country are listed below.

Tarbela Dam

Tarbela dam is considered as one of the largest earth filled dam of the world and constructed on the Indus River. The construction was started in 1968 and it was completed in the year of 1976 with a cost of $1497 million. The capacity of the dam is 13.69 cubic km.

Mangla Dam

It is the second largest dam of Pakistan and constructed on the river Jhelum. It is also considered as 9th largest river of the world. The construction of the dam was started in 1961 and completed in1967.

Warsak Dam

It is situated on the river Kabul and irrigating almost 110,000 acres land of Pakistan. It has the power generating capacity of almost 243 KW.

Major Barrages of Pakistan

Guddu Barrage

 Guddu barrage was constructed in the regime of Presidentt Sikandar Mirza across Indus River near Sukhur. It is one of the important barrages of Pakistan.

Sukhur Barrage

It is the barrage near Sukhur across the Indus river. It is connected to almost 6166 mile long canal network to irrigate almost 5 million acres of agricultural land. It was originally constructed in1923 to 1932.

So these are all the lists of major rivers and dams, barrages in Pakistan. We have seen that god has bestowed Pakistan with lot of water resources and Pakistan can utilize them in the best way but the need is now to find out the competent engineers and scientist who knows the best and the creative methods to overcome the energy crises with the production of electricity and our farms and lands.

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