National Animal And Bird Of Pakistan Name In Urdu

National animal and bird of Pakistan name in Urdu with pictures are presented here. Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan which scientific name is Capra Falconeri. It looks like a goat or a swamp deer, but its physique is bigger than a goat and smaller than a swamp deer. It has two long curved antlers on his head that adds beauty to it. Its color is dark gray and black with long hairy tough skin. It is mostly found in the tor areas of Pakistan while peoples from other areas can see this animal at any zoo located in different places in Pakistan.

Chukar is the national bird of Pakistan and its scientific name is Alectoris Chukar. It is so beautiful bird having lot of colors on it fur. It belongs to Partridge family but it is bigger in size and having a medium length tail containing 5 to 8 inches in long. Its beak is red while its feathers are black lined with grayish red color. Al black sleek out line around its neck and eye is its signature because in Pell’s family there are lot of birds but the Chukar has its own significance with this black sleek line around its neck and eye with red beak.

National Animal And Bird Of Pakistan Name In Urdu 

National Animal of Pakistan:

  • Markhor (Capra Falconeri)

Markhor’s Behavior and EnvironmentNational Animal Of Pakistan Name In Urdu

They are diurnal in behavior who are active in morning and afternoon while it is an aggressive in behavior.  Markhor is mostly find in tor areas like Chitral, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir and Hunza. It like to live in clusters upon the rocks in winter season but they migrate during fall season towards greenish areas. Males Markhor have long hair on the chin, throat, chest and shanks while females are redder in color, with shorter hair, a short black beard. Markhor is a mammal animal.

National Animal Of Pakistan Name In Urdu

National Bird of Pakistan

  • ChukarNational Bird Of Pakistan Name In Urdu


Chukar (Alectoris chukar)

Chukar is so shying bird which like to live hidden from other eyes. In winter season Shukar found in groups of 10 to 20 pairs while in summer Chukar found is pairs form to breed and in this season they become so aggressive. A female Chukar lay 2 eggs in summer season on rocks and both the pair look after their eggs with full day night for 16 days. It likes to eat beans and pearl millet.


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So these are the national animal and bird of Pakistan name in Urdu with images. I have wrote their behavior, living styles, their food and their appearances with details.

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