National Flower And National Fruit Of Pakistan

Here you will get details about the national flower of Pakistan and national fruit of Pakistan in Urdu names and pictures. God has bestowed Pakistan with a lot of blessings from four different kinds of weather to every type of life ingredients. With these changing weathers, different fruits and flowers grow up respectively that adds beauty with health and eye charming scenes. These fruits and flowers are the recognition as well as a specialty of Pakistan and here I am presenting you with the details of Pakistan’s national fruit and flower pictures. There are various qualities of both of these such as mango is called as the king of all fruits as well as jasmine is known as one of the most beautiful and balmy flowers. Mango is medically good for our health and is best for heart diseases and to increase body weight while jasmine is used to make hair oil that is good for hair growth and its fragrance gives us a fresh feeling that relaxes our mind.

National Flower And National Fruit Of Pakistan

A flower will called as national which is suitable in the enviornment and do not found in other countries. Similarly the mango is although found almost every country of the world but the mango of Pakisatn has great in taste and kinds.

National Flower of Pakistan

The answer is Jasmine (Chameli) which is having more than 200 species. Jasmine is the world famous flower used in shrubs and vines. There was a time when only Pakistan was producing more species of Jasmine flower in the world. But now it has spread all around the world and almost every country is now having its own species of Jasmine flower the national flower of Pakistan.

  • 150 plus species
  • Grow up in tropical and warm temperature
  • Belongs to an olive family
  • Use to make oil and perfumes as well as in different vines

National Flower And National Fruit Of Pakistan In Urdu Names

National Fruit of Pakistan

Mango (Aam) is the national fruit of Pakistan. It is also known as the king of the fruits. Mango has numerous species as yet anyone has not to count its complete species in the whole world. But the mango produced in Pakistani environment doesn’t found anywhere in the world. Someone has said, “East or West Pakistani Mangos are the Best”.

  • 200 plus species
  • Grow up in tropical and warm temperature
  • Belongs to Anacardiaceous plants family

National Flower And National Fruit Of Pakistan In Urdu Names

As you have read that both the national fruit of Pakistan and National flower of Pakistan grow in warm weather. It represents that Pakistan’s weather is mostly hot and warm and peoples use to with these according to their nature and conditions. You must use to eat mango and its shakes and juices and massage chameli oil in your head to get relaxed your brain.

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