National Game Of Pakistan Hockey In Urdu

Here I have wrote about the national game of Pakistan hockey in Urdu. There are so many games are been playing in Pakistan in which cricket is one of the most liking sport but do you know that it is not the national sports of Pakistan. Yes of course! Hope fully most of us are well familiar with the national game of Pakistan hockey. National game means a game that represent a country’s favorite and most playing game inside. The time of formation of Pakistan the hockey was elected as national game under the British rule and authorities format the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) on 14th August, 1947. Since that time to now this game is regulate by this agency. Pakistan national hockey team has played numbers of finals and tournaments but they have only won 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994 world cups. Beside these world cups Pakistan has also won 3 Sultan Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, 3 champions trophies and in 2010 Pakistan won in Asian Games. Pakistan has made a good place in hockey. So now keep on reading the following passage which is about national game of Pakistan hockey in Urdu.

National Game Of Pakistan Hockey In Urdu

National Game Of Pakistan Hockey In Urdu

National Game Of Pakistan Hockey In Urdu

When Hockey Became the National Game of Pakistan?

Hockey was brought to sub continent during British Raj but after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 it was start playing in Pakistan between national hockey federations. After one year of the formation of Pakistan in 1948 under the tenure of Governor Khawaja Nazimuddin, Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) was come into being existence and hockey was defined as the national game of Pakistan. The first president of Pakistan hockey federation was Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Baseer Ali Sheikh was the secretariat. Pakistan played and won its first international match in London during 14th Olympics games on 2nd August, 1948 from Belgium (2-1). Later that Pakistan performs very well in other national and international champion ships and make its place among top hockey teams of the world.

What Is Hockey Game?

Hockey is a physical sport which is played between two teams. Both the teams have to goal against each other within a given time duration. One who make more goals is elected as the winner in case both the teams doesn’t made any goal the match got tie and the final results are elected in the final round on 1 on 1 goal.

Hockey is a wooden made stick which is shown in the above shown image. Its length is approximately 48’’ i.e. 4 feet and there is a sharp curve on the edge of once side which is used to hit the ball. It is a very interesting and stamina making game which one can only play if he or she made a good practice in it. This is the national name of Pakistan hockey in Urdu. You can learn this article as an essay on national game of Pakistan hockey or Pakistan ka Qaumi Khail in Urdu.

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