What Is The Meaning Of NRO In Pakistani Politics

On Pakistan electronic media you are listing NRO wording frequently. Through further details, you can easily understand What Is the Meaning of NRO in Pakistani Politic. Pakistan’s Political history is not ideal for me as a student of political history because in this history Memogate, Mehrangate, Operation Midnight Jackal and NRO. Well, National reconciliation Ordinance NRO is now calling black ordinance in Pakistan history. Through NRO Former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf granted major relief for bureaucrats, political workers, and politicians who were clearly accused in Corruption. Here we want to mention we cannot ignore President General Prevez musharraf black dark decision for Pakistan nation. You can say NRO and Karachi situation total bad credit goes to Musharraf. A few months ago Pervez Musharraf accepted his political life big blonder in the shape of NRO amnesty for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

What Is The Meaning Of NRO In Pakistani Politics

NRO Stand for:

National Reconciliation Ordinance

NRO Meaning in Urdu:

Qomi Mufamati Farman

NRO Meaning in English:

Amnesty was given for accused corrupt politicians, political workers, and bureaucrats. These three categories peoples were involved and accused in a different illegal offense like money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, and murder.

NRO beneficiary:

Well, we are talking about the black ordinance in Pakistan’s political history. This ordinance issued on the 5th of October 2007. Now after 12 years when we are telling about NRO, a lot of things are clear regarding NRO. Basically this NRO national reconciliation ordinance design for PPP former leader Benzir or PML N leader Nazar sharif. For this ordinance, the logical reason other 1986 to 1999 year time frame all corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and political workers added.

NRO Current legal situation:

In 2009 Supreme Court of Pakistan declared this ordinance an unconstitutional step. After this judgment, all cases were reopened.

What Is The Meaning Of NRO In Pakistani Politics

Famous politician name who are major NRO Beneficiaries:

Asif zardari, Benazir Bhutto, Hakim ali zardari, Altf Hussain, Rehman Malik PPP, Hussain Haqqani PPP, Nawaz Khokhar PPP, Ishrat ul ebad, Farooq Sattar and Babar Ghouri.

Here we want to mention Nawaz sharif was got NRO benefits in the support of Saudia Arabia when Benzir name issued in NRO. On the demand of Saudia Arabia Government, Nawaz sharif was allowed to continue politics in Pakistan.

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