NAT Test Information

National Aptitude Test (NAT) is being considered as compulsory for all the NTS associated universities and colleges. Basically the NAT test is being purposed to test the educational performance of the students before getting into higher education which is the bachelor’s level. Once the candidate has appeared in the NAT its result will be valid for all the universities which have made NAT as a compulsory part in their admission criteria. This is valid for next 2 years as well as one who is not satisfied with his marks obtained in this test and he she want to improve the marks grade can re-appear to increase the grade. Moreover this test is taken by the National Testing Service (NTS) that is a testing service in Pakistan. After attempting this test a student will have to attach the result card with the admission form for calculating the merit. So now keep on reading this post to get more important NAT test information in Pakistan.

NAT Test Information

NAT Test Information

The students are being advised to appear in the NAT as soon as they have completed their intermediate and are looking forward for their further admissions in the degree awarding institutes. Not all the universities have made this NAT test compulsory but there are several renowned one’s which do have this restriction and compulsion.

The students have to apply separately for all the concerned universities but the same result card can be used, various universities have exempted their university admission test if the student has appeared in NAT before admission. A university considered 50% mars of this test and the 30 % as your marks in the Matric as well as the 20% marks are summed as to calculate the obtained merit of a student.

In the last you are also informed that this test is been taking by the National Testing Service (NTS). NTS is a testing agency in Pakistan that is working to purify and to analyze the students that who will took  to the interview procedure and who will not be allowed to appear in the further hiring procedure. So I can hope now that you are all now well aware with the NAT test information.

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