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CSS Fee Structure In Pakistan

Complete details of Central Superior Services CSS fee structure in Pakistan is discussed here as there are several liabilities on the part of the applicant when he or she is applying for the enrollment in the CSS examination. There are a few particulars which are to be fulfilled so that all the requirements are being met. The CSS exam fee which is to be submitted by the applicant is 2200 PKR; the fee is to be submitted in the account of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The FPSC holds the right to make amendments and changes in the CSS fee structure in Pakistan every year as per the economic situation of Pakistan.

The rechecking facility of the papers is also being handed to the applicants as any individual who is willing to make a recheck on his paper should submit an additional 200 PKR per subject which he or she wishes to get a recheck. All the information is also being written in a booklet which is attached to the application form and it is being advised that it should be read carefully. You have to get registered with the FPSC and pay the dues as per the below-given schedule for CSS fee structure in Pakistan

CSS Fee Structure In Pakistan

All the candidates must also submit CSS Exam Fee Rs, 50 PKR in the account of the Government Treasury/State bank of Pakistan “1252__Health MISC MEDICAL (CENTRAL), after the submission of the fee a challan will be given to the candidates which they should hand over to the president of the Central Medical Board at the time of the Medical examination of the candidates.

CSS Fee Structure In Pakistan

An additional CSS fee of 300 PKR is also being to be submitted to the Medical Board, this is only for those candidates who are being qualified in the written test and this fee is to be submitted in cash on the day of the medical examination.

  • Rs. 1500/- for all candidates.
  • Rs. 100/- for each representation/review petition which a candidate wants to submit against his/her rejection.
  • Rs.200/- per paper as fee for rechecking/recounting of marks.
  • Rs. 300/- before examination by a Medical Board in the case of candidates who qualify in the written examination.

So these are the CSS fee structure 2019 in Pakistan. Because the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC is holding the CSS examinations in Pakistan that is why all you have to submit in the banks with the favor of FPSC. Forgetting any more details you can visit the office’s website of FPSC for the CSS section.

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  1. i hear that for one css paper 15000 rupess will submitted or toatal 300,000 fee for css exam …is it wright or not?also send me fee shedule of css exam

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