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CSS Exam Introduction

CSS exam Introduction as CSS test is getting more and more popular in Pakistan due to its significance and worth in the state. The central Superior Services which is being denoted by CSS is the path through which an individual can be the participant in to the civil services and the bureaucratic operations of the country. As our country is deficient of knowledgeable and competent leaders in this scenario that’s why the CSS examination is attaining more and more people from all over the country to be a part of the bureaucracy of Pakistan. Introduction of CSS includes The pattern of CSS examination and its concept is being derived from the British colonial rule in the regime of British India sub-continent. It was introduced in Pakistan soon after the independence in 1947 but was being re-modified and amendments were being made and as per the constitution of 1973 under the article 240 gave this examination the constitutional status and legality in the state of Pakistan.

CSS Exam Introduction

CSS Exam Introduction

The CSS examinations are being held under the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan which is being renowned as FPSC. FPSC is accountable to carry out the examinations and to declare the results and with the same time is liable to accommodate the entire selected and passed candidates on the various respective designations including the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat.

CSS is one of those examinations in which there is no gender discrimination as males are given no preference over the female candidate because the only source of priority is the level of knowledge and competency of the individual and his or her respective score in the examination.

Intriduction will also include When the CSS was being introduced in Pakistan after the independence at time all the services which were being carried down were being considered in it, later with the passage of time after the constitutional status in 1973 few respective fields were being identified in the civil service which were being associated with the CSS examinations. The general fields were the Civil Service of Pakistan and the Police Service of Pakistan, whereas the Central Services included the Pakistan Foreign Service and a broad category of Finance and other services. The Finance category included the Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, Pakistan Railway Accounts Service, Pakistan Military Accounts Service, Pakistan Taxation Service, and the Pakistan Customs and Excise Service. The Central Services other than these included the Pakistan Postal Service, Pakistan Military Land and Cantonment Service, Central Secretariat Service, and Central Information Service.

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