Architecture In Pakistan Courses,Scope, Jobs, Career Requirements

In Pakistan, architecture is considered to be the most popular and well known field so here are the Architecture In Pakistan Courses,Scope, Jobs, Career Requirements discussed here. Mostly students who love to become reputable Pakistani architecture. Basically, Bachelor of Architecture is considered to be the first step in this field. In this post, we will discuss the introduction and scope of Architecture in Pakistan. We would like to mention that Architecture is an undergraduate as well as Masters degree in the field of architecture. The duration of doing Bachelor of Architecture is almost five years and For Masters in Architecture 2 years. Bachelor of Architecture is also known as B.Arch and Masters of Architecture as M. Arch. This degree offers different skills like drawing, research, writing, advance computer applications, architectural application and technical aptitudes. Now the question is that what are the major benefits of studying Architecture in Pakistan. The main and important benefits are as follows:

Bachelor Of Architecture In Pakistan Scope, Courses, Jobs

  •  BS, BSC in Architecture and MS, MSC in Architecture is getting rapidly recognized as the top and popular intellectual discipline. Moreover, it is the technical field that includes largest sector of development and investment in the Pakistani economy.
  • In the present scenario, it is very important and essential that building space is considered to be the best way. So for this reason every country needs the best services of expertise Architects.
  • Lastly, architecture is the highly skilled profession which shows the artistic and incredible talent.

Architecture Career Scope In Pakistan

In today’s modern world, the demand of Architecture is getting very popular. After completing Architecture, every student wants to know that what are the main employment areas in Architecture. The main employment areas are as follows:

  • Public Works Department.
  • Railway Department.
  • Post and Telegraph department.
  • Country Planning Organization.
  • Private Construction Organizations.
  • Architecture Development Firms.

The popular and most demanding job types after doing Architecture In pakistan are as follows:

  • Professional Architectural Technician.
  • Professional Architectural Theoretician.
  • Professional Architectural Conservator.
  • Architecture Engineer.
  • Professional Architecture Professor.
  • Professional Architecture Photographer.
  • Building Inspector.

Architecture Major Subjects, Courses in Pakistan

Before studying Architecture, it is important that person should know its major courses. The major and compulsory courses for Architecture in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Mathematics.
  • Interior Design.
  • History of Architecture.
  • Introduction of Urban economics.

Now the question is that what are the areas of specializations in Architecture In Pakistan. The major and important specialization areas are as follows:

  • Green Architecture.
  • Museum Architecture.
  • Theater Architecture.
  • Landscape Architecture.

Architecture Admission Requirements In Pakistan

It is important that student should know the requirements for getting admission into the field of Architecture in pakistan. The main requirements are as follows:

  • Firstly, those students who got at least 55 percent marks in their intermediate exams or Bachelor are eligible for getting admission in this field.
  • Secondly, it is essential and important that students soled possess different skills like drawing skills, creativity skills and social awareness.
  • Lastly, private institutes conduct their own entry tests so students should pass entrance tests for this program.

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  1. Yeah thats the same i want to know what should be the career prospects after 4 years architectural engineering and 5 years b.a. architectures? Is there any difference made by engineering or simple archicture?

  2. intermediate is compulsory for architectural ????
    are there anyother option for Shukerya ju bhut bhutan architecture ????

  3. excuse me sir every one said me that now a days there is no demand and there is no jobs for architectural enginerring?? is that so?? and which field is best for girls?

  4. Tuba .
    Actually B architecture is a field of design and it is a five year annual program.After complete b architecture we become professional designers in various construction Fields.there are lof of job in Pakistan for an architect and hansum salaries.

  5. Architecture has good scope for girls?
    Is it? Then which field of architecture? And what should a student opt for intermediate fsc pre engineering or ics?
    What are the universities offering architecture engineering?

    1. First of all we know about b architecture . actually it is a five year program and professional field.there are many job in Pakistan for an an architect and female society has good scope in this field because it is a field of design and all of office work.

    1. Yes but degree is not important for every thing you must be full of creativity,passion and skills.

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