Best Credit Cards In Pakistan

There is a countless number of private and public banks are now a day in Pakistan. Each bank providing the credit card facility with different kinds of offers and present a different values. A credit card is a piece of hard plastic and platinum card looks like shown in image below. It is used in purchasing or shopping on credit at anywhere like shopping mall, petrol pump or online shopping etc. Well if you is a business holder or doing some job and your transactions are bigger and rapid then you have to use a firm and 24/7 active card that can be utilize in anywhere in Pakistan. So in this post, we have picked out the best credit cards in Pakistan for conventional and Islamic banking. After reading you will be familiar about the accessibility and affordability, branding of these credit cards. We have also discussed the difference between Islamic and conventional credit card. scroll down this page to get the details.

Best Credit Card In Pakistan

Best Credit Card In Pakistan

Standard Chartered

Standard chartered bank provides the best services with its credit card. It is dealing in conventional and Islamic card as Standard Chartered Saadiq card. It provides upto 5% cashback on fuel, electronics and supermarket where you are using the master card. You can also pay the installments of your buying products with 0% mark up. Moreover you are not only bounded inside the Pakistan but if you travel abroad you can also use the same card there in the online standard chartered master card. Moreover you have 24/ 7 available facility with a great support of supplementary card.

The Saadiq Credit Card of Standard Chartered bank is full of according to the Fatawa (Shariah Certificates) where you will not pay any interest without any money lending as well as none compounding profit. So if you think that the conventional banking doesn’t suits you then must experience the Saadiq card.

Bank Alfalah

Now you are on the edge of ease with your credit card. Yes of course Bank Alfalah is providing the most enjoyable VISA credit card with the named as Alfalah VISA Gold and Alfalah VISA classic credit card. It has lot of benefits such as Global reach and acceptability, exciting discounts, fabulous rewards, Free CIP lounge access, zero loss liability and much more. It applies 5% of due or Rs. 500 whichever is higher as well as its credit duration is 54 days. Bank Alfalah credit card has great security fundamentals like SMS alerts, platinum chip with radiation access to anytime.

Faysal Bank

If you want greater limits of usage with lower interest rate then buy not Faysal bank credit card which is the best credit cards in Pakistan. Its service fee starts with 35. 65% after 3 months which means the first 2 months are completely free of interest. Moreover its annual fees and other charges are comparatively lower than its services and security. You can check the Faysalbank credit card payment schedule for more details and facilities.

United Bank Limited UBL

You can also avail the UBL credit card which is also among the best credit cards in Pakistan. You can avail UBL Visa Silver, Gold and Platinum Visa smart credit card on Rs. 2, 000/- , Rs. 4, 000/- and Rs. 600/- respectively. Its interest rate starts from 39% on Silver credit card after 3 months. It has lot of rewards and features that are really very interesting and appalling for its customers that are conscious for security, secrecy of transactions and notification alerts to keep on using a secure and protected credit card.

Plastic money has not yet to gain full speed, it will take a little bit more time. But these above mentioned credit cards in Pakistan has gained and attained full momentum and speed and in Pakistan and now large numbers of people have applied for these credit cards. If you find these cards credible enough, if they are of any use to you and if you find them interesting enough then do apply for these credit cards. We will keep you posted and updated if we will have in hand some other best and top credit cards in Pakistan. If you have not make use of these credit cards then it is high time to use them, apply for them and then let us know too that how much you have find these credit cards fruitful and beneficial for you.

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