Monday , July 4 2022

CSS Compulsory Subjects

CSS examination has the total marks of 1200 out of which 600 are of those subjects which are being considered as compulsory for the candidate and no option or personal selection is being allowed for these respective subjects. The question paper can be comprised of both the objective and subjective type questions as per the requirement of the subject.

There are 6 subjects which are being taken as compulsory in the CSS examination each carrying 100 marks. The candidate must appear in all the compulsory subjects if he wants to make his examination valid and with the same time all the compulsory subjects are to be cleared by the individual. The compulsory subjects are defined below:

CSS Compulsory Subjects


                                    Compulsory Subjects (600 Marks)

CSS Compulsory Subjects

According to the rules and regulations all the compulsory paper’s will be of 3 hours duration and no extra time will be granted to the candidates while all the individuals are prescribed to attempt the Islamiyat paper in either English or Urdu language, until or unless they are being indicated to do so other than that all the papers should be attempted in English language.

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