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Name Correction Procedure In Inter Matric Certificate Documents

If you is a girl or a boy and your name in your matric or inter certificate documents is incorrect or incomplete and you want to change/ correction then read this post carefully for name correction procedure in inter matric certificate documents. Sometimes students do mistake while filling their admission form for examination especially in Matric when their admission form is going to Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE as a regular or private student. Initially a student can appear in exams even sometimes students appear in intermediate exams on behalf of that wrong, incomplete or incorrect name. But when a student has clear his/ her intermediate and want to apply for NADRA CNIC card or going to send admission for bachelors classes then the problem creates because this time students have to attach the copy of birth certificate or CNIC & copy of father’s CNIC and then the mistake will be in front and admission might be rejected in final examination. While on the other side sometimes students do mistake only in intermediate documents during writing their name or their father’s name. Both matric and inter students stuck on the same time either for sending admission to bachelors or applying for CNIC at NADRA. Now keep reading this post for name correction procedure in inter matric certificate documents.

Name Correction Procedure In Inter Matric Certificate Documents 

Name Correction Procedure In Inter Matric Certificate Documents

Note: you are informed that even the name is in correct in matric or intermediate the correction/ change procedure is same for both students but just the application forms are separate in both conditions.

Name Change/ Correction Procedure For Matric/ Inter

  1. Obtain application form from the board office in Rs. 50/- or download from the below given link and attach challan slip of Rs. 50 during submit form
  2. Give advertisement in an Urdu news paper (Sample for how to write your advertisement is given below the application form) / Also give Advertisement in an English News paper
  • Buy 3/ 3 sets of these news papers and attach 1 news paper with photocopies of all the documents and name correction form for secretary of union council. He or she first take these photocopies and news Paper and then sign affidavit stamp paper for any misconduct in future
  1. Fee For Matric For Name Change/ Correction in SSC Matric After Announcing the Annual Result
  • Within 2 years Rs. 4500/-
  • After 2 years before till 5 years Rs. 5500/-
  • After 5 years before till 10 years Rs. 6500/-
  • After 10 years to till life Rs. 7500/-

Fee For Inter HSSC after announcing the annual result

  • Within 2 years Rs. 1000/-
  • After 2 years and before till 5 years Rs. 2000/-
  • After 5 years before till 10 years Rs. 3000/-
  • After 10 years till life Rs. 4000/-

Fee can be deposit in any prescribed branch of Habib Bank Limitted HBL and attach the original challan Receipt with your form

Click To Download Name Correction Form

Note: – Form is same at any level of education after Matric just fees and dues are changed
  1. Attest your form and Latest picture from the Head master/ Mistress or principal of that school/ College from where you have done your Matric SSC/ HSSC exams. In case of private student you can attest from any affiliated school’s head masters, mistress or principal
  2. Buy 2 stamp papers of Rs. 50 one for student and the second for the secretary of union council of relevant area district. Stamp papers are for affidavit (Bayan Halfi) of both the student and Secretary of Union Council (sample papers for filling the stamp papers are also written below the application form). These stamp papers must be attested and approved by the Head master/ mistress or principal of your school Or Civil Judge or Oath Commissioner.

For intermediate form name correction only 1 stamp paper is required for student’s affidavit

  1. Attach attested photocopies of father’s CNIC or Passport
  2. Attach your first birth receipt that is issued by the union council in which your original name is written clearly
  3. Original certificates either Matric or if you are also changing of intermediate then also attach the intermediate original certificate with it.
  4. In case of name correction from any other board must attach the certificate of that board with your form
  5. Make sure that you form is completed and filled accurately as no double writing or marking would be accepted

Then resubmit this complete form along with 1/1 (English, urdu) news paper to the board office relevant room which you can ask form the information booth at BISE. Name changing processing time is almost one month and your corrected form certificate can obtain from the board office or it would be send at your home address.

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  1. I am goverment servent cnic name waheed omer..and my matric or FA certificat name is waheed murad .i want to change it..i have done waheed omer..what the procedure .plzzzz Explain.and help me

  2. Late registration for birth certificate is acceptable for father name correction. ..
    Plz help me..

  3. Aoa. I have done matric and inter from lahore board and my father name is wrong. My father name is khana shah and i have written the name as khan shah so basically single a is missing. Iwant to do this correction please help me i want to do this change because its very imp . I’ll be very thankful to u for helping me. And plz also tell me that is it must for me to be there because i,m now living in peshawar. I,m joining pak army so i want this sooner. Thank u very much. I’ll be waiting for ur kind reply. Allah hafiz.

  4. i need help regarding change of name in matric n inter certificates. kindly reply me back.. thanks

  5. Hello ,can anyone guide me as I have type my name in matric documents as syed Hassham Ali A.B and same thing went to inter and graduation but in birth certificate, CNIC and Passport my name is Hassham Ali. I never have experience any issue and didnt aware of any complication but now I am planing to move abroad but want to change my name in matric certificate. i have done my matric in year 2002.
    please advice the process.

    • plz my father name drust board chairman

    • Bro itz a long procedure coz i have done my matric on 2009 and i had a spelling mistake in the certificate when i went to board office they told me to file a civil suit and persue the court decree from civil judge .It took almost 10 months to win the case against board office and i spent nearly 14 thousand for court procedure .bro nothing is easily solved in this country i got my decree and judgement a week ago now i have to go to board office and pay extra fucking fees for name correction.They are looting the students.
      In foreigh countries to solve the name correction issue takes almost 15 to 20 minutes but here they empty our pockets .

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