IELTS Test Tips For Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

International English Language Testing System IELTS Test tips for reading, writing, speaking, listening are all discussed here. These tips are very important and use full for you because It is always handy to get full prepared before any examination because it enables you to detect all your weaknesses and it is beneficial to identify the weaknesses and rectify them before judgment is being made on them. So whenever a student have a grip about the way what he is going to do he can results better then a student who is going to IELTS but he/ she is not well clear about the thesis he/ she remains confused about it. So you are suggested and advised to must once read this entire post to get IELTS test tips for reading, writing, speaking, listening….

IELTS Test Tips For Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

IELTS Test Tips For Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

IELTS Test Listening Tips

  • The candidate should give full concentration to the recording, as the questions will be asked from it so each and every word should be listened carefully.
  • The test has four sections. Sections 1 and 3 are dialogues and sections 2 and 4 are monologues. There are 40 questions to be answered and the test lasts for 30 minutes. Ten minutes will be given at the end of the test to jot down your answers on answer sheet.
  • Dialogues sections should be given more concentration which is the section 1 and 3. Before the recording is being played time is given to read the questions, make sure that you read all the question before the recording is being played because it will make it easy for you to identify the answers once the recording in being played.
  • The answers usually appear in the conversation in the same order as the questions.
  • Do get well aware of the trick questions in which the speaker once said something changes it is the next sentence which makes it difficult and confused for the listeners, so listen the entire conversation and identify the sentences which are being rectified.
  • One should have good control on his or her nerves and should not panic and get stressed out. No matter if you missed one answer keeps your focus intact and don’t get pressurized. Keep one thing in mind that try to writer the answer as you heard them, don’t try to remember them for the end because through this you can either mix the answers or even you can forget them.

IELTS Test Writing Tips:

  • A lot of writing practice is required for the IELTS writing test.
  • Task 1 has 20 minutes and has to write 150 words, so don’t write excessive words, remain in the words limits which are assigned to you.
  • Give more time to task 2 as it is lengthy and requires a lot of thinking. Write your rough points on the rough page so that you should not forget the points while writing them finally.
  • The task 2 which is a discussion or argument is taken form newspapers or magazines, so make sure that you read newspapers daily so that you might have relevant and sufficient information regarding the topic assigned to you.
  • Write in neat hand writing and avoid grammatical mistakes as it will deduct your marks when the examiner will check it.
  • Do write conclusion in both the tasks as end the writing with concluding lines as it gives good impression.

IELTS Test Reading Tips:

  • Try to improve your reading skills and speed by reading the newspapers and novels so that it will enhance your knowledge as well as will improve the reading speed.
  • Always make sure that you understand what you are reading, because just going through it will give no benefit and in fact will harm you when you’ll have to read it again and time will be consumed.
  • Make sure that first you have read all the questions before reading the paragraph or comprehension as it will make it more easy for the candidate to identify the answers form the reading. And will avoid a need of a reading another time to find the proper answer.
  • Always have a pencil with you while reading so that you can highlight the important sections as well as if you have find the answer. As this will save t9ime when you will start writing the answers.

IELTS Test Speaking Tips:

  • Make sure that you have a fluent English language speaking, and you don’t have any problem while making conversations in English.
  • Fluency can be obtained by trying to speak more and more in English so that it should enhance your confidence and speaking skills.
  • Never focus on the exeunt of the English speaking, but make sure that you don’t make grammatical mistakes neither you get stuck while speaking.
  • While making the conversation with the examiner always is confident because this is being judged that how confident one is while speaking in English.
  • Don’t get concerned for the facts and figures while speaking because the judgment will not be made on the facts and figures but it will be made on the quality of English language.
  • Always try to speak in English using good vocabulary and that can be done by reading and going through dictionaries.

So these are all the IELTS test tips for reading, writing, speaking, listening. If you have read all this post then I am sure that you are now have full grip to done carry on your journey of IELTS at any IELTS preparing institutes in Pakistan.

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