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Chiniot Islamia public school Faisalabad was established and hence founded registered in the year 1984. This educational school system has been putting their main focus in offering educational services on premium level in health and educational field background. This school system has underwent with the establishment of the educational institution as all based on the principles of Islamic teaching. Chiniot Islamia public school was established in 1986 as under the patronage of Chiniot Anjuman Islamia.

The main mission motto of Chiniot Islamia public school Faisalabad is all based on ‘Not for Profit’ basis. They have been engaged in giving out the access of the reasonable educational system education at the high quality terms and conditions. The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1986 by Maj Gen Afzal Khan and then it was set up in the Deputy Martial law administrator of Karachi zone. The school started with the  enrollment of just 26 students in 1986, and now by 2013 it has risen to approximately 1850 students. In the year 2003 ‘Afternoon’ shift in the favor of the boys in primary classes was started off. In the same year for the girls was also started that hence admitted in class VI in the morning shift on the request of parents. In the year 2004 major academic uplift programmes came into being. In 2004, the school was upgraded to the intermediate classes for the purpose of the science group. They have even bring about the start of O level classes for boys.

Chiniot Islamia Public School Faisalabad has set up with its chain of schools in almost all the major cities of Pakistan with the custody encounter of the experienced and highly qualified staff members. They are merely influenced in giving out high quality of education to the students in order to give out their career with the paramount success.

Contact Information
Contact Number: +9221-34815341
Manawala Road Faisalabad, Pakistan 37610

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