Documents Required For Canada Student Visa From Pakistan

Do you want to know all the details in view with the documents required for Canada student visa from Pakistan? Canada is taken out to be one of the best countries all over the world that is all involved in giving up the best educational system to the students. Now we all know that if you want to study in abroad then you have to firstly apply for the international study visa. This visa will be all including the personal and professional details of the students alongside with the information of Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life. So keep reading this article to be fully aware with the A to Z procedure for how to apply study visa for Canada from Pakistan and just perform the same criterion written here below of this passage that is also assigned by the foreign studies act of Pakistan.

Documents Required For Canada Student Visa From Pakistan

Documents Required For Canada Student Visa From Pakistan

How To Apply for Canada Student Visa From Pakistan?

  1. Students who are planning to study in Canada they should apply for the visa at least two monts before. It takes almost two months for the finishing of the visa process.
  2. You have to submit out all your details to the immigration section of the Canadian High commission.
  3. You have to submit the application form of permission letter that is all issued to you by the university.
  4. You should be submitting all your information including personal and profesional.
  5. You even have to submit the Certificate of Acceptance from the province of Quebec (Only if you plan to study in Quebec).
  6. You have to give away your IELTS as well as TOEFL score if they want.
  7. Your Canada passport wil just be valid for one year right from the date as you enter inside Canada.
  8. Details of the visa fee that is alll payable by the bank draft.
  9. You have to submit the copies of academic mark sheets and certificates as well.
  10. You should be giving away the proof documents as well in order to know that whether you are able to manage the expenses in Canada or not.
  11. You should even be submitting the letter from the sponsor along with the income tax papers of the sponsors.

Well there are other details as well that you have to keep in mind while applying for the Canada student visa. You can get informative details from the Canada Immigration Office or their main website as well. So if you want to get higher education in Canada then apply for the visa right now. Be careful at the time of application process and follow all the requirements with great care!

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