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Talib.pk is the fastest growing educational website of Pakistan which tends to provide its user the complete information regarding all educational matters in Pakistan. No Matter you are a student, A teacher or a professional you will be able to get complete career counseling beyond the academics. This website will provide the complete and latest information of educational news and all the upcoming students events, Scholarship, study abroad and all other information under one page.

The Basic of the Talib.pk

Pakistan is an under developing countries where there is no proper career guidance is provided to the students to choose the subject or courses in which they own have interest so that in future they have bright future but instead of this the process is totally opposite that is a big problem for the students right now and in future. we have conduct a research and found that almost 72% students in Pakistan are facing this problem so that is why here we decided to start a project that can reduce these problems of students. From this platform you will be avle to get the complete career counseling from a student life to a professional life. We will provide you the information that will help you in maintain your bright future.

Mission of Talib.pk

” To be at number one position in providing the students the complete career guidance and advice in all Pakistan and also enhancing the working skills of the professional so that they can secure thier future walking on the right path.

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